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Oct 8, 2008 09:31 AM

Recommendations for a later dinner in ABQ?

Hi Everyone,

I am flying into Albuquerque this evening and will probably try to get out for dinner around 8-8:30ish. It seems like a lot of restaurants in ABQ (especially New Mexican restaurants) close before this time. Can anyone recommend a good non-chain restaurant where I can get a meal at this time? Would prefer local cuisine/something unique to the area. Thanks!!

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  1. Frontier will work for you. It is on Central, just across from the University. Coming from the airport, take Yale north and then make a right on Central. Frontier is on the corner of Cornell and Central. It is open until the wee hours and is a tradition for students and community alike. Deb

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      Hi DebitNM :) (Mhag from you know where!)

      I just thought I'd give a thumbs up for Frontier. DebitNM has sent me there for a meal and it was certainly enjoyed.

      I wanted to also include two new to me restaurants that I just tried this past weekend. Il Vicino is open till 10pm on weeknights and serves EXCELLENT European style pizza from a wood burning oven.

      The Range is open till 9, so you might be able to make it there. They have a mix of New Mexican and American food. I really enjoyed the Range Quesadillas.

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        Hey onatrip!

        Those are also both great places to eat. There are 2 Il Vicino locations [ one on Central in Nob hill and the other on Juan Tabo and Montgomerey]. Range Cafe also has multiple locations [on Wyoming; also in Bernalillo which is north of ABQ on I 25].

        Hope you had a good time ballooning!

    2. Thanks for your help! We wound up at Frontier, which worked just fine for us and we even took home some extra tortillas and sweet rolls for pre-balloon breakfast. Too bad we got skunked by the weather on Sat/Sun. Oh well-- next year!

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        The weather was very uncooperative this year. Unfortunately, the weather that makes ballooning excellent in Oct can also make it a no go - too much wind.

        Glad you like Frontier; they have the best tortillas! I love watching them being made on the little rotating machine. So light and puffy.