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Oct 8, 2008 08:35 AM

Hanger Steak...Your Help Please

During the last Restaurant Week, I had an outstanding hanger steak at Olives.

Can you please help me find a retailer that has high quality hanger steak at reasonable prices. My "go to" please for all steak is Costco (great quality/great price) and sadly they do not sell hanger steak.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Savenor's often has it. It's been a while but I'm thinking $6-7/lb. I'd call first.

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    1. re: Aromatherapy

      River Rock, local purveyor, often at farmer's market, or google them - i get excellent hanger steak from them, along with very good quality meats in general. they do deliver on orders over a certain amount (50.00 maybe?)

      1. re: Aromatherapy

        yes...just picked 1 up..6.99/lb...Waygu at 11.99

      2. Can't help you with specifics in your area, but I get mine through a restaurant wholesaler , via a friendly chef - USDA choice hanger steak at 2.99/lb - hard to consider eating any other cut when you can get that deal!

        1. Hanger Steak is difficult to find and expensive when you do. There is only one per cow. Flank steak is a good substitute and readily available.

          1. dewars sells it. if you have enough heads up, your local whole foods butcher can order you some as well.

            i, however, respectfully disagree with the assertion that flank steak is a viable alternative to hanger. hanger has a meaty, phenomenal flavor and chew. flank is sinuous and somewhat bland. while it is true that there is only one hanger per cow, it does have two "pieces to it" and you can easily get a few portions out of the cut.

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              Actually, I probably shouldn't have even commented as I am a non-meat eater, but I'm currently enrolled in a culinary program and Monday's lecture was hanger vs. flank. So the opinion expressed previously was that of my instructor and not the poster.

              1. re: abattoir

                I prefer skirt, myself, which is part of the same muscle. The animal breathes with the skirt part and does its kegel exercises, so to speak, with the hanger. While I love flank steak, I'd agree that it's not a great substitute. I really adore flatiron, too, if you can find it denuded.

                I got a grassfed hanger from WFM Woburn. My problem with non breed-specific grassfed beef is that I get the same taste in my mouth that I get at the dentist after they scrape my teeth and before I rinse.

              2. Since you are in Cambridge, on the West Side give Huron Supermarket's butcher counter a try. McKinnon's in Davis also started selling them per popular demand, but not always on the shelf so call first. Hanger Steaks are usually sold in 25lb or so quantities by the packing companies, which is why they are unusual for most butchers and supermarkets which don't have the demand. I also thought that River Rock farms allowed you to pre-order for pickup at farmer's markets and they have been doing Harvard on Saturdays, but per-lb is going to be a lot more than costco.

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                1. re: itaunas

                  Have you considered splitting and dove tailing a bottom sirloin? About 12 to 15lbs...cut with the grain at about 20oz, marinade in Jerez, toasted aromatics, roast slow and low and slice against the grain. I've seen the cut at Whole Foods before.

                  1. re: chef poncho

                    Is that the bottom half of a (top) sirloin butt (weight sounds about right for piece and portion, as opposed to only the tri-tip which is much smaller)? I have taken a cap-on sirloin butt, separated it into multiple cuts and also played around with cutting different steaks off a top blade roast (I didn't quite get the hang of this). But not seen the bottom half as a roast around here w/o necessarily ordering.

                    If you don't mind a bit of gristle, basic steaks cut from the top blade (flatiron steaks require more waste/effort) are readily available and $3.49/lb or less (McKinnon's, Johnny's, more of the suburban MBs, but not Somerville).

                    1. re: itaunas

                      Exactly...good taste similiar, though not exactly, to a hanger. When in shortage, a sub can be made.

                      Top blades are still a favorite...we used to call them Peddler's or chicken steaks when cut whole...amazing taste when braised.