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Oct 8, 2008 08:32 AM

Arthur Ave Lunch

I know there are some old posts on Arthur Ave favorites but would like some up to date help. Looking for some great Italian but not to expensive(I know that is very subjective!) Last time I went, ate at the restaurant with no prices(sorry dont remember the name) and ended up leaving with an 80.00 bill for 2 with 2 juice glasses of wine, 1 shared app and 2 entrees. Ate everything and we are 2 women with normal appitites! Thanks for the recs!

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  1. Well, Arthur Ave has a lot to offer. You went to Dominick's last time and I have to say I've never been really impressed and they definitely charge you what they feel like.
    That said, Marios across the street is always a solid bet. They have great entrees and great pizza. It's usually only on the dinner menu as an appetizer, but ask for it and they can make it.
    Zero Otto Nove is also great as is Roberto's which is around the corner and not on the main strip. Both are owned by the same chef owner and both are delicious. Zero Otto Nove has some great pizza as well.
    Those are the 3 restaurants that I recommend and have been to multiple times. Skip dessert at these places and walk down to Egidio's on 187th and sit and have some amazing pastries and a coffee.

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      Thanks! Yes it was Dominicks. I know of the places you are talking about and will definitly skip the desserts and take a stroll.. What are your thoughts on Emilias? Someone just mentioned that one to me. I'm sure one of my picks will be one of your recs. Thx

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        I've actually never dined at Emilia's even though I lived a block away from Arthur Ave for 3 years and went to school in the area, so I can't help you there. It has gotten a lot of really good recommendations on here, so I don't think you can go wrong.
        I mean every restaurant there is delicious, but everyone definitely has a favorite. I would definitely go to Mario's if you want a straight up red sauce place. Also, don't be afraid to ask if they have something because more than once I've gone in and asked for a dish and they've made it for me. Zero Otto Nove is definitely worth it if you want something different. I've eaten there about 5 times and everything has always been delicious. If you go be sure to get a pizza as an appetizer. It's delicious.
        Lastly if you are going to walk around after, go to Madonia Bros and pick up a prosciutto loaf and try not to eat the whole thing before you get home ;)

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        Thanks again, now I'm really unsure!!! I guess everyone does have their favorites. I'm sure I won't go wrong anywhere but Robertos does come up often so that may be the choice. I will definitly go for the bread and desserts!!!

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          Roberto's on Crescent is definitely our favorite restaurant in the area, but that said, it's among the more expensive restaurants in the neighborhood (if not the priciest). Zero Otto Nove is - I think - a better choice for you, and the food is excellent. There are more relatively inexpensive options (like the pizzas), although the entrees run about the same at both places. Also note that Roberto's is closed on Sundays, while Zero Otto Nove is open (but closed Mondays).

          As for bread and desserts, I'd go to De Lilo's - not Egidio's - and get lard bread at Addeo's where Roberto gets his bread; Madonia's does make a great provolone bread, though. Hey, everyone's got their favorites!! :)

      2. My absolute favorite place to have lunch on Arthur Ave. Is Mike's Deli in the Public Market across from Emalia's next to Addeo Bakery. Mikes is inside at the back on the right. They have IMHO the absolute best Italian style sandwiches in the city. They make both hot and cold and there are tables to sit at. It's not a fancy atmosphere but it's about the food right? The most expensive sandwiches are maybe $11.00, most are about $8.00.

        1. Ok, so ended up at Zero Otto Nove and it was great. Had pizza and a pasta special, both were fantastic. The house chianti was also a good choice. Roberto walked by our table and sat down for a chat with us and was very gracious. Next time will go to Robertos and try it out. Thanks for the great recs!

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            Good point - we ate there Thursday for lunch (had the riccardo pizza with smoked mozz, pancetta, and butternut squash - consistently amazing); the house chianti is surprisingly good.

            BTW, when we go to Roberto's, although the menu is fine, we normally order from the specials and are rarely disappointed. Note that my wife, who ordinarily refrains from ordering chicken at restaurants (because we eat it regularly at home), loves the chicken on the bone specials at Roberto's.