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Oct 8, 2008 08:32 AM

Potato tacos in SF Valley?

Anyone know where to get Potato tacos similiar to the ones at El Atacor on Figueroa? So many taquerias in the SF Valley but none seem to have Potato tacos. Help please. Thanks

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  1. Here is a great resource as a starting point.

    1. La Parilla in ELA has them on the menu so I would imagine that the La Parilla in the SF valley would have them also (if this restaurant is still there on Ventura Blvd.) You will find them under the vegetarian part of the menu.

      1. Most folks favorite seems to be at My Taco, on the south side of York, about 2 blocks east of Figueroa. And Jonathan Gold's fond of their barbacoa, too (as is much of the neighborhood).

        My Taco
        6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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        1. re: annagranfors

          La Parilla (By Northridge Bowl?) has been closed for a while. They were terrific. Also as long as I am posting...The OP requested SFV as a location and not LA.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            I hope there's a SFV location. I've never heard of a potato taco but that sounds good.

          2. re: annagranfors

            I second My Taco. I've yet to have a potato taco that's better. El Atacor is good-but I personally think My Taco is better.

            Yeah-that barbacoa is another great dish there too. If you stop by to get a taco, you should get the barbacoa too, you know-since you're there.

          3. haven't had them, but I know that Hugo's Tacos has em.
            Open 10am to 10pm daily
            4749 Coldwater Canyon
            Studio City, CA 91607
            Phone: (818) 762-7771

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            1. re: kiwi

              thanks! I always drive past Hugos Tacos but never stopped to try it. I will now. Cheers

              1. re: waxfondler

                I'm curious too. My instincts tell me that it is geared toward the nervous gringo eater, but would love to learn that I'm wrong. ;}

              2. re: kiwi

                Hugo's tacos is subpar - and very pricey for smallish not so good tacos.

              3. If you are in the area, Snapper Jack's in Ventura has a great potato taco and an amazing white salsa that is like liquid Cool Ranch Doritos.

                5100 Telegraph Rd
                Ventura, CA 93003
                (805) 642-5111

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