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Oct 8, 2008 08:06 AM

mini cupcakes and fried chicken

I work for a high maintenance entertainment group and we get lots of interesting requests to accomodate different artists.

This morning, I received a last minute request for tomorrow night:

1. 400 mini cupcakes

2.GOOD fried chicken that can be picked up or delivered

I am having a hard time finding a bakery to accomodate the request for cupcakes, any advice would be super appreciated.

I am not sure who does good, fried chicken in the city. ANY suggestions are also super appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


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  1. Harlem for fried chicken?

    1. I saw mini-cupcakes at Miss Cora's Kitchen in kensington market:

      Also at BakeSale on Bloor St (just a bit west of Royal York).

      1. Babycakes (Kubo on Queen East) will do miniature cupcakes on special order

        1. Harlem is a good choice for fried chicken, although they douse it with a honeyish sauce that wouldn't travel well so that should go on the side. I always loved Cajun Corner's version when they were in Leslieville, not sure if the move to Laird has affected the taste but can't imagine it would.

          1. Try Sweet Escape Patisserie in the distillery for the cupcakes.
            Hands down, they make the best cupcakes in the city, and trust me, I have tried them all.
            Jason and Michelle might be able to help you.

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            1. re: Suresh

              What types of cupcakes are you looking for and where are you located?