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Oct 8, 2008 08:01 AM

Théine Coral Gables, any info?

Everybody always says they want to try it, but nobody I know has actually been. Apparently they do lunches, etc. in addition to teas?

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  1. They do lunch, with a rather limited menu. Food is delicious, though on the pricy side. However in their defense they use locally grown and organic products. Their eggs and greens are from a small farm in the Redlands. Expect to see some salads, salmon, sandwiches and the like. Also three or so cakes/dessert to go with your tea.

    1. I had lunch there just a couple weeks ago. The food was pricey -- but honestly, not that much more so than anywhere else in Florida. The soups were a little underseasoned -- my friend and I had the carrot and a bean soup and both desperately needed salt. Our entrees were very simple -- she had a salad and I had a vegetable stir fry with tofu. The stir fry was good, but again, underseasoned for my taste, and I thought for the price they could have included a little more tofu. The vegetables were very fresh and simply prepared, which I liked -- the flavors really came through. The dessert -- we shared an apple tart -- was OUTSTANDING -- the whole wheat crust added a great nutty dimension to the filling, and it was overall one of the best I'd had anywhere. Oh, and the tea selection is incredible -- and they are happy to help you select one if you're overwhelmed.

      I would definitely go back, but I would probably stick to the sandwiches, salads, desserts and tea -- although I might change my mind if they had a mexican dish on the menu -- the chef's husband is from Mexico and they've spent considerable time living and traveling there. The atmosphere is charming. One note -- I don't think I would recommend this for a quick lunch if you have to head back to the office -- everything is made to order (the menu changes daily), and it does take a few minutes.

      1. i have an office down the street and have gone several times. The food is fresh and organic, but I would agree w/ some of the other posts, that a bit pricey for lunch portions. The tuna melt is wonderful. Salads sometimes over vinegary and undersalted in my opinion. Open Wed-Sat (or Sun?). The owner/chef is very particular, no cell phones, and has other "house rules" posted by the door. Overall, homey feel, clean, good quality ingredients and off the traditional path. Service a little slow. Wonderful loose leaf tea selections