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Oct 8, 2008 07:41 AM

Dim sum in Providence

Is there any decent dim sum in Providence? Or in RI?

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  1. Search the board. I just pulled up four threads on the exact topic in a couple seconds.

    1. Rumor has it King's Garden in Rolfe Square in Cranston rocks, but I can't speak from experience.

      1. Lucky Garden on Smith in N. Providence. Very authentic, small batch cooking (hard to find in dim sum) and quite reasonable.

          1. re: karlssoni

            I've done some extensive posting on this. In my personal opinion:

            Best and Most Authentic:
            - Lucky Garden: North Providence, RI (15 min north of downtown Providence)
            - Golden Chopsticks: Westerly, RI (about 50-60 minutes from downtown Providence)

            Second Tier:
            - King's Garden: Rolfe Square, Cranston. 15 minutes from Providence. Is the only one of the above that serves dim sum all day.
            - Phoenix Dragon: Decent dim sum, really the only Providence based one... Probably the most limited menu of the group.

            And that's it. All of the above serve dim sum off of menus, there are no "rolling carts" dim sum places here in RI.

          2. Thanks all! Looking forward to it.