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Oct 8, 2008 07:24 AM

East Northport-area Restaurant for Anniversary Dinner?

I (and my husband) will be visiting my parents in East Northport on my 13th wedding anniversary, and we'd like a nice place to celebrate. Doesn't have to be fancy - just great food, preferably great fresh fish and seafood. Also, since Mom is scooter-bound, it needs to be very handicapped friendly - especially parking and bathroom. We'll be dining on a Wednesday night - what do you all think?

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  1. I'm thinking of the Blue Room on Larkfield Road, which is a really good spot, although not a fish place per se. I remember having a great shrimp and pasta dish there. Some fine Southern dishes, too - fried chicken, popcorn shrimp. Try calling to find out the accessibility situation. They do have their own parking lot.

    There's also Crossroads Cafe, where the food is a lot better than the look of the place would imply. Again, not sure how accessible, but you could call. Super osso buco.

    Also, on Jericho Turnpike, there's Jackson's, a very informal place. They do a fine job with fish, although that's not the focus of the menu.

    Good luck and happy anniversary!

    1. I like La Casa, at Crab Meadow Beach in Northport. Great seafood! I usually order a pasta and seafood and ask for them to hold the mussels, otherwise you have to work your way through an eight inch layer of mussels before you get to the dish. Nice salad bar, good prices. Be prepared to take home a doggie bag, because the portions are LARGE.


      1. My picks for celebrations are't far, but aren't cheap either, Panama Hatties on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station or Mill Pond House on 25A in Centerport.

        Happy Anniversary

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions. Due to family issues - we wound up at the Premier Diner on Commack Road (just off the LIE exit). I know - its a diner! But the food there is really great - I did get my fish - Snapper Francaise - and it was exquisite! Bob had pork chops that were very tasty and everyone enjoyed their food (including my two fussy nephews).