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Oct 8, 2008 06:07 AM

Thai food

I just discovered Ally's grocery store on Woodside Ave. between 76 and 77. They are Thai owned and make homemade Thai food which is just incrediby good and quite cheap. They have a fairly good selection in the refrigerated cases.

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  1. Many thanks for the message. I've been having the $6.50 lunches at Spicy Shallot which is on 77th & Woodside Ave. Next visit, I'll look for Ally's Grocery Store.

    1. I just returned. Incredibly cheap? Very small portions range from $6 to $8 and it's not fresh out of the kitchen cooked. Yesterday, at Spicy Shallot, I had a bowl of soup and Pad Thai with beef (large portion incredibly good) for $6.50. This is cheap not Ally. With Spicy Shallot just steps away it would make no sense to shop at Ally.

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      1. re: Mike V

        mike, you must be joking, right??

        1. re: Mike V

          The portions seemed quite large to me. In fact, I ate it for lunch two days in a row mixing it with some coconut rice. The food seemed substantially better than Spicy Shallot to me and by the way, no tip.

          1. re: pynchoff

            well, you can get shallot to go...

            but shallot portions didnt seem that big at all. I thought they were just appropriate for a single serving and not to get too full.

            I walked in allys when i was but a thai tyro and thought the prices were high. based on this recommendation, I will have to visit again. Any tips on heating it up?

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              About a minute in the microwave seemed to do it. Makes a great dinner as well as lunch. I've been taking them to work and heating up in the microwave. The servings are 6-8 dollars which doesn't seem bad to me. I've tried several different pork dishes and a chicken with bamboo shoots. All of them were quite good.