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Oct 8, 2008 05:42 AM

Vegan in Charlottesville

Will be entertaining a vegan this coming weekend, taking a trip to Monticello. Any recommendations for places with some vegan options (other than the traditional pizza-hold the cheese). A Google search came up with Garden of Sehba (African), Maruthi (Indian) and Ming Dynasty. Any commments on those, as well as other suggestions, would be welcome. We can go pretty much anywhere in the Charlottesville area and it doesn't need to be fancy.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Cville is a hip, progressive town but it is way behind the curve on providing vegan friendly food. Queen of Sheba and Maruthi are both long gone. Mings has an extensive vegan menu but the food can be greasy and its only okay.
    A better spot for Chinese is Cafe 88 on Preston. The Local in Belmont has a tofu steak with frites that is very good. Himalayan Fusion on the Mall has some good vegan options and if you are lucky the buffet will be going which usually has several vegan options. Christians Pizza,also on the mall, is a Cville institution and they always have at least one, sometimes two vegan slices available.

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