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Let's talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We presently use Carapelli, but i would like to hear your opinons on EVOO for pasta dishes, using only oil, garlic & anchovies.

Where in Toronto can i buy a good quality EVOO for the above, keeping in mind that we live in the Upper Beaches.

Please keep the oil to either Italy or Greece, and give pricing if you know it.

Thanks for any & all input.

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  1. Folks, please keep the discussion focused on where to buy specific olive oils in Toronto. Any posts solely about the quality of an olive oil or its use in a recipe will be moved to General Chowhounding Topics or the Home Cooking board. Thanks!

    1. Purchased some outstanding EVOO from the North Market of SLM a while back and found it to be very mild. Definitely a great find IMO. $16 for about 1L. It was from Greece. Only available on Saturday (mornings/early afternoon) when the North Market is open. Not sure where they else they may supply outside those hours.


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        Finally landed up buying a bottle of Barbera EVOO from an Italian grocery store on the Danforth. It's pricey - $23.00 for a litre, but i'm happy with the flavour. Used it on our pasta dish last night, and it was very yummy.

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          The Acropolis is the same one I use for everyday purposes, Bok Choi. You'll be happy to know it's available 5 days a week in the south market. You'll find it in the basement at Lively Life. You'll be even happier to know they sell it for a dollar less than at SLFM. I wouldn't cross town for a buck, but you can bet I'll cross the street.

        2. Silver leaf is really nice, it's my favourite and can be found at the big carrot or SLM (both in the large cheese/deli place upstairs and the assorted food place downstairs (the one with all the sauces and stuff across from the rice's)

          It's about $21 the large bottle I think, and there is a small bottle too. If you go to the SLM there is a lot to choose from, Chris's cheese mongers also were displaying some oils when I was there last.

          1. I read a recent report that CFIA assessed Italian and Greek evoo and found that 28% of them were adulterated.
            I don't want to cast Italian evoo in a bad light, but I will definitely look for that report!

            Here is a Marketplace summary, mostly low end evoo http://www.cbc.ca/consumers/market/fi...

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              Just because your EVOO is bottled in Italy desn't mean it's Italian--or even olive oil. Here's a scary article from The New Yorker:

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                Indeed jayt90, thanks for the link.

                To add to the CBC report, according to the International Olive Oil Council Italy is the largest importer of Turkish olive oil. Which does not necessarily mean anything negative; it’s just that I am wary of any olive oil that is cheap. According to IOOC last year’s specs, Greece produced the largest percentage of Extra Virgin olive oil from its total production (I can’t recall the amount other than it is the highest percentage), larger than either Italy or Spain.

                I like Silver Leaf olive oil, which is Greek, and can be purchased at the Big Carrot for around $21.00 a liter. I do not usually cook with the Silver Leaf; I use Silver Leaf for dressings, drizzle on meats or fish, marinate etc, etc… What I use for frying is Minerva from Greece, which can be purchased from Loblaws for about $8.00 per liter.

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                  Folks, please keep this thread focused on where to buy good EVOO in the Toronto area. If you want to continue the discussion about fraudulent or tainted EVOO, there's a thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board that is discussing exactly this issue:



                2. In my experience the best source for EVOO in the city is The Olive Pit. Pusateri's has a wide selection but the staff are lacking. The Olive Pit is a fantastic experience, the two owners are very helpful in helping you choose the right one.

                  The Olive Pit is on the bottom floor of The Spice Trader.

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                    I was just there today (couldn't help it). Really really nice spot.

                    Upstairs amazing spices and downstairs awesome Olive Oil! Pretty much foodie's dream situation. They have some lovely oils that they import and then decant $14.95 for approximately 250ml.

                    Not a place I could make a regular haunt (I too live in the upper beaches) but totally a good hound spot!

                  2. For $12.99/375ml bottle Longo's has EVOO from Tuscany, Umbria or Sicily. I'll be buying all three next time and give them a horizontal tasting, just for fun!

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                      Costco has carried several good EVOOs. Current one is Italian-grown&bottled, 2l for about $14. My only gripe is the #@!&?*%plastic bottle.

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                        Any specific brand at Longo's? Or is it the supermarket's own "generic" brand?

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                          Their own brand. But label description sounded very impressive. Olives varietal and vineyards mentioned!

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                            I bought some at Longo's a few months ago called The Village Press...from New Zealand...very nice. Can't exactly remember the price but it was reasonable...worth a try.

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                              I have been using ILOVE olive oil from New Zealand. I won a bottle of it in an online contest. Just rich and pours so differently than the Bertoli that I normally use. Only available at Pusateri's. I'm hooked.

                      2. The best value in EVOO in T.O. is "Horio" (literally "village"), which you can find in a few places on the Danforth -- check out the IGA at Pape or Greek House. Note that Sun Valley had a shipment a month or two ago and was selling it for $23 for a 3 litre jug -- it went fast, and will not likely be back anytime soon. (If it is, let us know... we're waiting.) Typical price is anywhere from $21 to $29. Believe me, it is well worth it. Strong, beautiful flavour, slight burn on the throat, rich colour -- invokes the old country in almost every way. Don't waste your money on anything else.

                        If you want Italian, you may want to try Martelli "Superior Quality" EVOO, about $10/litre. May be found at Sobey's, perhaps elsewhere.

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                          are you talking about 3 liter jugs for $21 to $29 everywhere or just at Sun valley?

                        2. I know you said italy or greece, but Carm has al EVOO from the douro region that is really good.


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                            Thar's impressive. Who sells this oil in GTA/

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                              hmm.. I didn't really notice the 'where can I buy' aspect of your post. My restaurant gets that olive oil from a weird seemingly shady Portuguese guy. I'm not really sure where - if at all - you can get it retail.

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                                I was at the 'fresh-and-wild' grocery store at spadina and king and I noticed they had a bottle of carm evoo for sale.