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Oct 8, 2008 04:49 AM

Restaurant near 69th and Amsterdam

family of four (two teens) from out of town seeking restaurant recs walking distance to 69th and Amsterdam. Looking for moderately priced place with good food where we do not have to dress up. Pomodoro on 70th and Columbus has been a favorite when we visit, but would like to try something else. Any advice appreciated!

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  1. Italian - there is a place whose name escapes me, on 71st just east of Columbus on the north side of the street with a nice garden out back... beats Pomodoro for Italian

    Sushi - Tenzan Columbus/ 73rd

    Bistro - Nice Matin - Amsterdam and 79th

    Something nicer - Compass 70th Amsterdam- West End

    There are a ton more

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      We have always liked Compass, but I'm sad to say the last time we had dinner there, the food was very disappointing. That was just before they closed briefly, refurbished the interior, and changed to what is now a fish/seafood-oriented menu. Still, we won't be rushing back.

    2. Cafe La Fenice, on Broadway between 68th and 69th, is practically on your doorstep.

      1. My choice would be Nice Matin. Casual atmosphere and great food.

        1. As suggested by others nice matin is a good option. i like la vela on 77th & columbus for italian.

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            if you're willing to take a 15 minute walk, and enjoy mexican food, i'd recommend gabriela's on 93rd/columbus. delicious food, great margaritas. if the weather is nice, sit outside and do some people-watching...

          2. You could also try Kefi on 79th b/w Amsterdam and Broadway. Closer to you I would also recommend Epices du Traiteur at 70th b/w Amsterdam and Broadway for reasonably good North African / Mediterranean. And I haven't been, but I've read good things here on CH about La Boite en Bois (68th b/w Columbus and CPW).

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            1. re: snaporaz

              Thank you for all the great suggestions. Would we need to dress up for Compass or could we arrive in jeans?

              1. re: rocknroll52

                jeans and a nice shirt and shoes OK

                Jeans, T's and sneaks... not so good

                1. re: msny98

                  msny98: would the Italian place you are thinking of be Bello Giardino?