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Oct 7, 2008 10:31 PM

[DFW] - where can I find Green (raw) peanuts?

title pretty much says it all. i am in search of green peanuts to boil.

any suggestion on where to find them?

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  1. The bulk bins at Sprout's or Central Market.

    1. If you are up for a weekend trip Comanche county used to supply the airline industry with peanuts. Gorman, Desdemona, and DeLeon are all big farming communities with peanut harvest around this time of year. I would call the DeLeon Chamber and ask if they might have any contacts. I know there is a Golden Peanut Company on LaSalle Ave. that is based in Alpharetta, GA but has a location in Comanche County (DeLeon). In Gorman it looks like there is Birdsong Peanut Division on Mc Call St. Peanut Hut is also in Groman. Also the Southwest Peanut Growers Association could help you out. If you want convenient then I would say go for the ones in town, if you want to learn about your peanuts and support a local farmer I would say make the drive. Many of the local bike clubs make frequent trips to Comanche county to explore the quite scenery of the peanut fields and pecan orchards.

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        cool - I enjoy outdoor outings at this time of year......... Might have to check it out!

      2. They have the bags of in the shell raw and cooked at the Wal-Mart on 75 and Haskel.