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Oct 7, 2008 09:47 PM

Crazy Burger in SD-feedback?

I'd like to take a group of fellow lady foodies to Tioli's Crazy Burger in North Park, but would like some CH feedback first. Two of us are vegetarians, the others eat meat. Do you think this place can accomodate both types of foodies, and are the burgers any good? The menu looks tasty, but you never know until you talk to someone who has tried the cuisine!

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  1. You going for lunch or dinner? If dinner, I'd urge you to instead go to Ritual Tavern. The burgers are better, and it's better for vegetarians, IMO.

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    1. re: Josh

      hey josh..
      never been to they have a patty melt?

      1. re: Beach Chick

        Hey BC, you seem to be on a serious patty melt hunt. How about organizing a patty melt Crawl? Ever do a 'Chow Crawl', they're a lot of fun.

        1. re: cstr

          Pardon the interruption, but if any of you want to organize a patty melt crawl (sounds like fun), please follow our guidelines (linked to below) for organizing Chowdowns.


        2. re: Beach Chick

          No, they don't. They do make their own ketchup and mustard, though.

      2. I like Tioli's for a post-work burger and beer. With that said, it's not particularly vegetarian friendly. The burgers are good, though. It's a very laid-back, dive-y atmosphere.

        If you're thinking of alternatives, I'd pick Urban Solace.

        1. Tioli's has a veggie burger, and more options if your vegetarian friends eat fish. I tried their salmon burger last week and it was pretty tasty- although a little bit overcooked. Their hamburgers are good, but that said, I agree with Josh that I would choose the Ritual over Tioli's. Both the portobello sandwich and the burger at the Ritual are better than their counterparts at Tioli's, and as a bonus, you can get the porter shake for dessert.

          1. One big advantage of Caryz Burger is that you can often watch the only interesting sport on their TV ;)=> Soccer. Especially the German Bundesliga.

            1. thanks all..
              I can't imagine 4 patty melts..maybe a quarter or less for taste.we don't want to use the electric paddle if we can help it.
              sdnativa..I will be happy to escort you over to Nunu's..
              Fake..I twitter but not here..
              Josh..thanks for the heads up on the ketchup and mustard..very noble of ritual
     are officially counted in
              debren.. ; )
              cstr..thanks to you on starting this.

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                Your quite welcome.

                I just responded to Fake Name, here's how you work the crawl. It's not that bad, example you have 8 hounders in the crawl, at each place you buy 2 patty melts and cut it in quarters to sample and rate. So if the crawl involves 4 places each hounder eats the equivilent of 1 patty melt.

                Also, you can ask CH moderator to sticky the crawl and it will be posted up top Go for it!