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Oct 7, 2008 08:56 PM

Only 24 hours in NOLA Tomorrow...what should I eat

One breakfast, one lunch, one dinner... starting tomorrow night! My first time in on earth do I pick??
Please make suggestions..I may be able to squeeze in a 2nd lunch.

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  1. breakfast - camellia grill
    lunch - lebanon cafe
    dinner - commanders

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    1. re: dtud

      thanks...I was considering commanders!
      Cheers dtud

    2. I'd go to Martinique Bistro and sit in their courtyard. The food is outstanding, and the weather will be beautiful.
      Galatoire's would also be on my list, as well as Clancy's.

      1. I seldom eat breakfast so,
        lunch: Commander's'
        Dinner: Herbsaint
        2nd lunch: Galatoires

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        1. re: JazzyB

          Second Jazzy's plan. If you want a breakfast, go to Blue Plate Cafe. However, you may just want to grab a muffin or something, if you're going to eat a big lunch.

        2. For your first trip
          breakfast- Cafe Du Monde
          lunch -Galatoire's
          lunch 2 -Pat O'Brien's for 2 hurricanes in the piano bar(after 2 you are on your own)
          touristy but a first time must
          Dinner -K Pauls still the experience

          Late -Vaughan's to hear Kermit Ruffins(take a cab rough area club is fine)
          used to a still may have free food on thursdays(crawfish in season_

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          1. re: don515

            thanks for all the advice...getting ready to leave Lake Charles now!

            1. re: newsysuzy12

              I'd skip breakfast, have lunch at Casamento's (dozen raw, fried softshell sandwich, barq's, side of fries), do lots of walking to get ready for dinner, then head over to MiLa for a late dinner.

          2. I'd say lunches at Galatoires & Commander's Palace.
            Dinner could be a number of places, but my first thought was K-Paul's (it's a comforting, cozy place for me - always great! not cutting edge for sure, but I'm usually not looking for that anymore)

            Seeing that you are coming from Lake Charles however, I am wondering if you are from Lake Charles. If so, then maybe you'd like something different.

            Of course, late night snack of Cafe au Lait & Beignets. I definitely could not have that for breakfast, and it would ruin lunch! I say skip breakfast & go for an early & lingering lunch if you can.