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Oct 7, 2008 08:29 PM

What's you favorite budget kaiten-zushi spot?

There's been a lot of discussion about the super high end sushi restaurants on this board, but I wanted to start a topic about your favorite cheap spot in Tokyo. Could be a chain store, could be a local spot. I usually go out about twice a month, but want to try some new spots. Places that start at about 105 yen per plate and up.

My favorite right now is 回転寿司築地本店 in Shibuya.
If you go down Center-Gai, take a right before First Kitchen and its on the right hand side.

I've been going here for years. Most everything is 105 yen and they change their specials daily. The thing about this place is it's always consistent, which is sometimes difficult to find at kaiten-zushi restaurants. I usually order direct from the staff, and they're always friendly. Overall nice place and great sushi and the price is right. Sometimes there's a wait if you go around 7pm.

So what's your favorite place?

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  1. I've loved that place for years. I thought of writing a review of it, but the owner (?) discouraged from doing so. He said he's got enough customers. But like you, I want to branch out. I hope other chowhounds will help out. Shinjuku? Ikebukuro? Takadanobaba? I need help with other neighborhoods. There's a place in Jimbocho I often to-- right there at the main intersection. But only because it's convenient.


    1. I ate there last summer, it was abysmal, the sushi at the food show depa chika at shibuya station is better. The kaiten place near Bunkamura called Daidokoroya is much much better than that place.