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Oct 7, 2008 08:04 PM

bad times at kyoto ed'ton

Three of us went for lunch today to Kyoto. It was my first time to this restaurant (on 109th st) and it very well may be my last. We were rudely greeted by a snobby hostess, angrily reminded to remove our shoes before entering our washitsu - even though we didn't need to be reminded. One person in our party ordered the combination sushi plate - which in most places, means a variety of sushi (not rolls) arranged on a plate. But at kyoto, it means 4 pieces of sushi and two giant pieces of a california roll and a spicy tuna roll. She asked if she could get a true sushi combination plate and the server returned with the same plate and said no. Nobody bothered to show her the menu and suggest other options (even at a higher price) that might suit her needs... nothing was done. As for the other food, the rice was a bit dry and kind of tasted old. The best roll I had was covered in avocado strips (I think it is called the avocado roll) and contained roe and tempura crumbs. The salmon sashimi was very tasty - but overall I would rather go to Furasato or Wasabi.

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  1. I find both their food and their service hit and miss. Stuff like their tiger rolls and bbq eel are decent enough but I agree there are better places.

    1. Just to clarify, which location did you go to?

      The one on the south side of the river (by the University) or on the north? They're both on 109th street.

      I tend to prefer the one by the University.

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        we went to the one by the university. i didn't realize that there are two of them.