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Oct 7, 2008 07:32 PM

Chinatown Hop

Will be in NYC this Thursday evening, and a few coworkers and I are talking about a Chinatown Hop, looking to taste the best of the best. We've got several hours, and we're open to anything!

Joe's Shanghai for Soup Dumplings
One of the coworkers mentioned a place on Mott for Wonton Soup?
Anything that beats Momofuku's Pork Belly appetizer in Chinatown?

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  1. Not sure if anything tops Momofuku's, but head downstairs at Wo Hop on 17 Mott for the Wonton Soup!

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    1. re: Sra. Swanky

      or upstairs at wo hop for the hot and sour
      (for wonton i like chao chow on mott)

      1. re: Sra. Swanky

        wo hop downstairs has great panfried dumplings. and the snails in black bean sauce. finally, the crabs cantonese with meat and egg sauce.

        1. re: schung

          btw, i only get those 3 dishes at wo hop. every time. nothing else. except the occasional green vegetable.

      2. For the best Roast Pork Buns, go to Mai Li Wah on Bayard St.

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        1. Get the Shrimp Wonton Soup at Great NY Noodletown, a restaurant which has served consistent quality since the 1980s. A friend dragged me to Wo Hop last winter or so, and it was one of the worst meals I ever had, so my advice is not to listen to anyone who recommends anything at Wo Hop.

          I think Joe's Shanghai is not bad but overrated (caveat: I haven't felt motivated to go there for a few years, so there's the possibility, albeit probably slim, that it could have improved drastically in the interim), but I haven't found anyplace in Manhattan that serves soup dumplings I love. At this point, I consider Shanghai Cafe best overall among Shanghainese restaurants in Chinatown, though. I should mention that haven't tried their dumplings yet.

          I haven't been to Momofuku but would tend to consider it an entirely different kind of restaurant than anything in Chinatown. Consider the cost of ingredients, for example.

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          1. re: Pan

            Wonton Garden on Mott in between Canal and Bayard is the best place for a steaming bowl of noodle soup. My favorite is the beef tripe I've been going there since my mom brought us there as a little girl. I also introduced my husband the chef to that place and now he is also addicted. The secret for their yumminess is the broth and tender beef. Another good place that's been around is across the street on Mott is Big Wong good food all around, good noodle soups.

            1. re: Pan

              i only used to go to wo hop early sunday mornings around 7am. my kids would help the old man make the dumplings. and those panfried dumplings with the sweet soy were as good as it got. i would also order the snails in black bean sauce. the black beans were quality with a very rich flavor. but unfortunately, they didn't have snails the last 2 times i went. i aso like the crabs cantoese style, sauteed with eggs and pork. it is not cutting edge food, but rather, chinese comfort food. everything else is very avg to unacceptable. oh, and i have lived in hk the past 6 years, and the pan fried dumplings at wo hop is the best. moreover, i haven''t been able to find the snails or the crabs cantonese in asia yet, so i continue to visit wo hop every time i visit nyc.

            2. I know I am too late for Chinatown Hop but I just wanted to add my two cents. I was born and raised in Chinatown and to this day I still don't get it why do people travel from all over to go there? I have been there once maybe 30 years ago with a boyfriend at his suggestion (not Chinese) never with my Chinese parents and will say never again. I happen to have attended a funeral this weekend and had a meal at the ABC on 34 Pell St and the food was very good, very authentic Chinese and my parents (dad's an old school chef from Hong Kong) who gave the thumbs up. While about 100 tourist stood on line in the rainy cold night they could have stepped across the street for a real home style Chinese meal.

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              1. re: 2455Bklyn

                At first, I thought you were dissing Chinatown in general, but from the context, I think that you are deprecating Joe's Shanghai. Is that right? Thanks for the ABC recommendation; I've never been there and will keep that in the back of my mind as a place to check out.

                1. re: Pan

                  Ignore me I am losing my mind. I must have written my rant after ranting on on someone's endorsement for Wo Hop on Mott St. No offensive to chinatown in general or any of the fine places mentioned above.

                  1. re: 2455Bklyn

                    It did cross my mind that Wo Hop might have been the place you were attacking, but the Pell St. address of ABC confused me into thinking of Joe's. As for my views of Wo Hop, all you have to do is look here, a bit earlier in this thread:

                      1. re: 2455Bklyn

                        I never understood the admiration for either Joe's s Shanghai or Wo Hop.

                2. re: 2455Bklyn

                  YEAH, it is a Joke how so many people will wait outside Joe's shanghai for those dumplings. ABC is great, and so are a lot of others. I don't think I will ever go to enough to discern which is the best.

                  1. re: Jeffsayyes

                    Good stuff! I ended up going to Wo Hops - I have to say, I really did like the wontons. Also got the pork and pickled vegetable soup, which was also good. Went across the street to the Peking Duck House, which was good, but I've definitely had better. But it was a real treat for some of the folks who were with me. They had never seen such a thing. Also threw in some pedestrian Chinese Broccoli, and that blew them away, too...

                    Thanks for everyone's advice! I'll try out some of the joints you mention above and let you know how I fare!