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Best Burger In Vancouver

In September, I tried to find the best burger in Vancouver. I went to Veras, Splitz, Moderne, Red Onion, White Spot, Cactus Club, Save On Meats and Burgers etc. There are some other places I still need to try like Hamburger Marys, Sutton, Red Robin, and others that I cannot think of off the top of my head. I don't think I will do Diva at the Met but I will go to Mortons for Happy Hour. Any other burger spots that I am missing?

I find burgers to be very heavy meals, almost all of them made me want to take a nap after. I definitely put on some pounds this month.

After all that, the winner is easily

Moderne Burger

To see a breakdown of the results go to www.Vancouverslop.com and look at the Monthly Challenge.

Let me know if you agree that Moderne is the best.


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  1. Thanks for eating all that meat. I definitely enjoy following personal "best of" missions and your burger mission was a good one! If this was something other than a chow site maybe you could do a "most comfortable/best running shoe" mission in-between food journeys! :)

    Looking forward to your next search.

    1. Two places I'd add to your list of places to try are Earl's (my favorite burger of the chains) and the Hamilton Street Grill (burger at lunch only). You can probably safely skip Hamburger Mary's and Red Robin.

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      1. re: HKDave

        HSG has a great burger. I would also add Market Grill in the Granville Island Public Market.

        (Nice to see you around these parts HKDave).

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          I drove by Crave (Main St) and was reminded that they had a pretty good burger. Tomahawk in North Van reportedly has a good burger (never had it, though - just going by reports).

      2. I love Fat Burger!!! WS burgers are pretty good, if you get it chargrilled, and easy on the triple O sauce

        1. Social @ Le Magasin makes a killer, KILLER burger.

          1. Unfortunately there isn't much choice for burgers in Vancouver. They are all the same pretty much. Over priced and mediocre at best. With the possible exception of Vera's. Winnipeg has by far the best burger joints. Juniors for a Fatboy not that lame example put out by Fatburger here in Vancouver and half the price and Salisbury House for a Cheese Nip again half the price as WhiteSpot and better tasting.

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              I keep hearing that Winnipeg has great burger joints....it may be the burger capital of Canada.

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                Kelekis on Main St., Winnipeg makes great Burgers, Dogs, and fries.

            2. I can never get enough In n' Out Burger when in SoCal a few times a year.
              In Van I would agree w/ Modern burger, ... Splitz, and Crave very decent

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              1. re: jmil

                FWIE, on another site, I keep hearing about the burgers at Hamilton Street Grill...

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                  My vote goes for Fat Burger. They do a great job on the classic burger. Better than Vera's, Modern Burger, Tomahawk etc. ( I have a Vera's a block from my place in Kits but I'll walk downtown for a Fat Burger)
                  Their fries, like most places, are pretty average. Modern's fries are better but the oil they use makes them taste kind of strange.
                  If only they could match Go Fishes fries with their burgers we would be damn close to perfection!

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                    We seem to have two "best burger" threads going so I'm cross posting here:

                    1. re: grayelf

                      What about the burger at DB Moderne? Is that not supposed to be the burger that made DB such a smash hit in Manhattan? It is $28, but the thread here is "best burger," not "best bargain burger."

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                        I haven't tried it...the Feenie's burger was great...but oy!

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                          Small, tall, burger, shortrib, and foie gras, and truffle on a parmessan bun, it was tasty and worth a try, but this is not the burger \i will eat often.

                2. My fave is the beef burger at the Cascade Room on Main St. - with very old cheddar. Delish.

                  1. Question? During my visits to Vancouver from San Francisco I have found in the last couple of years that I cannot get a rare hamburger. When I ask I am told that it is against the law to prepare it this way. Am I not going to the right places? Do I have to ask in some special way? Thanks

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                      I believe it is against the law. Try Hamiton Street Grill - they fresh-grind beef and the trimmings from their steaks to make the their burgers.

                      1. re: fmed

                        place link...

                        Hamilton Street Grill
                        1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9, CA

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                          It's not against the law, otherwise how could any restaurant serve beef tartare?

                          But most burger places buy frozen pre-formed patties and these days it's not considered good practice to cook them anything less than well done. Places that grind their own (Hamilton St is one; the counter at Save-On Meats was another but not sure where they get their beef now that the butcher shop there is closed) will usually cook it however you like.

                          I should add that the HSG burger is available at dinner, not just lunch as I posted many months ago upthread. Save-On's is available until 6pm, I think...

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                            Thanks for the clarification HKDave. This is good info.

                      2. The best burgers I've tried in Vancouver have been:

                        1. Market Grill
                        2. Vera's
                        3. Fatburger
                        4. White Spot
                        5. Harvey's

                        I've heard that Burgers Etc. is good but I haven't been there yet.

                        As for Moderne Burger, I was not impressed with the burger I had there. I found the meat to be gamy. Very disappointing.

                        1. For fear of public humiliation, the DBL cheeseburger at Mc Donalds is excellent. The quality can vary, but mustard, ketchup, pickles, onions, cheese, meat and a bun all can make a great boiger.

                          Google and You tube Mc Gang Bang for another great or maybe just interesting burger from the USA.

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                          1. re: jahvay

                            I will totally lose CH points for this, but the second burger you mention is the best sandwich available at McDonalds. Horrifying and delicious.

                            1. re: peter.v

                              >>I will totally lose CH points for this,...

                              On the contrary...you get triple-points for Franken-food.

                            2. re: jahvay

                              You have told me this in the past, jahvay. I will now have to investigate a DCB and a McGB.

                              There is also a McSurf&Turf version - but that doesn't sound nearly as appetizing.