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Happy Hour Bailout!? Eagle Rock/Eastside

Hello all! My husband and I are both laid off, and besides clipping coupons and staying in all the time, we've decided to explore happy hours (hopefully with FREE food!). It might help us stay sane ... maybe? Between surfing and happy hour - we can all get through this mess!

Suggestions anyone?

Thank you!

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  1. Not Eagle Rock, but close by in Pasadena Kabuki in Old Town looks to have some decent and reasonable happy hour selections. And I haven't been, but I've heard that McCormick & Schmick's Happy Hour has some great values - one being a $1.95 hamburger that I heard is not too shabby.

    OTOH, with York Blvd being a stone's throw away - you'll probably do great with most of the Mexican places there - Huarachas Azteca being one.

    1. You might do pretty well at some of the hotels downtown.

      1. Arnie Mortons downtown at Fig and 7th does steak sandwiches in the downstairs bar during happy hour.

        1. McCormick's and Schmicks has their 1.95 cheeseburgers at happy hour. It's a 1/2 lb burger with fries!

          Best deal in town IMO.


          1. Magnolia on Lake in Pasadena has 1/2 off of everything on the menu, IIRC, and good pricing on margaritas and wines for HH.
            On the first Thursdays of the month at Vertical, there is free wine tasting. A winery wants to push--I mean sell--their wines, so they come and offer free tastings. There's also a small HH menu.

            1. The Oinkster happy hour is good as well as cheap. Mmmmm, Belgian fries.

              1. Cheap comfort foods will get you thru times w/ little $ better than $ will get you thru times w/ no food or booze. Or something like that.

                I recommend Margarita Jones in Pasadena for $4.50 margaritas and FREE Mexican appetizers, incl. chips & salsa, hot dishes. The food isn't the greatest but it's FREE & Tasty with Margaritas. Get the warm appertizers when they're fresh and warm. And what's better than a $4.50 Margarita, chips & salsa to do do away with those economic blues?

                Bekham Grill in Pasadena also has FREE Apps and good deals on pretty good pub food.

                I also recommend the other suggestions in the area for cheap foods/drinks. Especially OINKSTER-Eagle Rock, MAGNOLIA- Pasadena, M&S- Burgers- (std is well done).
                Also check out

                GOOD LUCK!


                1. Rudolphos in Silverlake used to have a great happy hour. Three different sized beers, cheap cocktails, and 1/2 price apps. They also have at least three widescreen TV's.

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                    rudolpho's is no more, but there is a new restaurant at the location. have not had a chance to check it out, but i see lots of cars in the parking lot. a lot more than rudolpho's used to have.

                  2. Special Happy Hour (free food) , plus birthday cake afterwards, tonight only Sat Oct 11th at the Smokehouse in Burbank. Celebrating their birthday anniversary or somethin'.

                    1. Bummer about the layoff. Not exactly Eagle Rock, but if you head downtown (which is fun to do on some days when you're not working--library, museums, etc) Ciudad has a great happy hour--very good food and drinks.

                      1. Oh--there's another Mexican place I went to , long ago...it's old school, with a free happy hour buffet...right on the 210/134 exit ramp...can't remember the name...does anyone know which place I'm talking about?

                        1. OINKSTER
                          has my favorite happy hour.
                          BURGER+FRIES+STELLA (on Tap)=$7.00
                          The burger is EXCELLENT and it's big enough for the 2 of y'all to split it. They have 2 big screen T.V.s but it's not a dumb-ass sports bar. The ketchups and pickles rock adn there ar other beer specials from 3-6.