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Oct 7, 2008 05:03 PM

Kansas City, Mo. Old Restaurants

I happen to be reading a Calvin Trillin article in the New York Times and then later got sidetracked to a link to an article on Kansas City eats.

Anyhow, long story short our these restaurants still around:

Arthur Byrant's on Brooklyn Ave (is it at least owned by someone related to the Arthur or Charlie Bryant and if it is, is the quality still good for someone who has never been there before).

Jess and Jim's Steakhouse - still around?

Lamar's Donuts in an old gas station - is that around too?

Lastly, TJ Cinnamon's for cinmanon rolls still around too?

And even if most of these are closed where can I or should I go for food that hasn't changed for decades and resembles the foods of KC's past?

Thanks again. This is not my usual board. But I'm thinking of making a pit stop there, in any future trips.

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  1. AB is still around. The jury is out on quality (search this board for the MANY, MANY opinions). I would say the original location on Brooklyn is going to be your best bet. I have not been there in 13 years, so I cannot vouch for it. I know it has sold and I am not sure who owns it now.

    I don't know that TJ Cinnamon is a KC institution. I remember it from when I was a kid, but haven't seen one in years.

    Jess and Jim's is still there and still good. So, too, is Lamar's (although I am not sure on locations).

    I would recommend Stroud's for a taste of Kansas City. I love the location up north (Oak Ridge Mannor)

    I also like Plaza III on the Country Club Plaza.

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    1. re: amy_rc

      I was thinking of going to the original location of Arthur Bryant's if any at all.

      Is Stroud's fried chicken or pan-fried chicken? Any clue if it's fried in pure lard or vegetable oil, etc?


      1. re: kevin

        I first went to the Arthur Bryant's on Brooklyn in the early seventies. From the outside, it looks much the same today; inside, it is quite a bit cleaner, with a few more photographs. At the order window was a large pile of real burnt ends, so you could pick up a few pieces to munch on while waiting for your order. The menu was more limited than today. I remember ribs, rib sandwiches, brisket, ham, mutton, french fries. My usual order was a combination sandwich with fries that was wrapped in red butcherpaper. ecstacy on white bread, Back in the day, Arthur Bryant often ran the register. I would usually get my order to go, so I could go home or to the Royals game. The last time I went I was very disappointed the sandwich and brisket was very dry.. I would get my food to go, but eat in, so I could add more sauce. The orginal Bryant's did not have the sweet sauce.;

        1. re: kevin

          Pan-fried but I'm not sure what it is fried in.

      2. On the thought of places no longer around. I often think of Tony's on the Boulevard. What a great place for a date. Prime Rib, Lasagna, Peel and eat shrimp in the dump trucks and the sangria and the rose! Harry Starkers -- another great date place.
        The Haberdashery in the Old Mulhbach Hotel.

        My dad went to college in Kansas City in the 50's and talks about The Wishbone and The Blue Parrot? Anybody remember these?

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        1. re: gregl

          I remember the Wishbone. My uncle was friends with the owners and my cousin had her wedding reception there.
          Another long gone place is the original Majestic around 31st and Gillham.
          Anyone remember Luciano's in Columbus Park?
          Gaetano's on 8th Street?

          1. re: zataar

            That is where the old Wishbone salad dressing came from originally. They sold the recipe. I remember both of these restaurants.

            What was the name of a buffet in downtown KC that was the first around. It boasted of the longest buffet line. Seems like it was down around the river but not sure. This would have been around the 1960's. Golden Buffet or something like that?

        2. Boots & Coats Was the best!!!
          How about the Leather Bottle on Troost? I took my Sr. prom date there.

          1. Strouds dominates! Although it is famous for the pan fried chicken, I love the Pork Chops and Chicken Fried Steak the best. Get the cinnaom rolls too, they dominate.

            1. does anybody remember henry's fried chicken on north oak trafficway? it was the best place to go for their pan fried chicken. went their many a time as a kid in the 1950's and 60's.