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Oct 7, 2008 04:53 PM

cozy romantic restaurant?

I'm looking for somewhere with a "cozy and warm" feeling to it for an anniversary dinner. Looking for somewhere downtown (toronto), looking to spend around $100+wine (somewhere with a decent wine list would be good too) any suggestions? Thanks

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    1. is this $100 per person? i would recommend Splendido. It is intensely romantic, has the best service in the city. You will feel like the only ones in the room. We went there the night my husband proposed.
      If less - there have been some great reviews of David Lee's other place - Nota Bene - cheaper - but sounds delicious - I haven't been personally but the recent threads have been outstanding.

      Not downtown - but cozy is Auberge du Pommier... we went there this past spring - I didn't know what to expect and it was very lovely and delicious.

      1. Amuse-Bouche would be a great choice. Intimate, warm, and with lovely food.

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            I thought of Amuse-Bouche and then when I saw the suggestion of Niagara Street Cafe, I full heartedly agree!

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              The Corner House on Davenport facing Casa Loma....Miranda

              1. re: miranda

                I agree with Miranda...Corner House is lovely.

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                OK, I'll be the one voice of dissent for Niagara St. Cafe. Sorry, someone has to be. But there have been so many great reviews, so I could have just gone on an 'off day'. Thought I would put in my two-cents though. I went in hungry - ate my meal - and left hungry. 'Nough said. Food was just mediocre for me and did not compensate for the grumbling my still famished belly made afterwards. Maybe I just eat a lot... it would not be the first time someone has told me that.

                Along the same lines, I would recommend Weezie's. It's a bit cheaper than what you have listed, but the food is superb and it's cozy, like Niagara St Cafe.


          2. I agree with the reccos for Amuse-Bouche and Rosebud (Amuse-Bouche is a bit more of a special occasion kind of place). Haven't been to Niagara St. cafe so can't comment. Wasn't wowed by Corner House but, to be fair, we only went once and it was during a 'licious so may not have been as good as normal. Auberge is great, but definitely not downtown. Splendido is clearly an excellent restaurant, but IMHO not worth the small fortune you have to spend to go there (also, I didn't find it as romantic as Amuse-Bouche or Rosebud).

            Happy Anniversary!

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              I think the food is much better at Amuse but atmosphere of niagara cafe is much more comfortable and inviting.

            2. My fav for romantic in Toronto is Jaques Bistro on Cumberland. Reasonably priced and the closest you can get to Paris without getting on a plane. Just like France there is an old building with dated decor, a consistent menu, consistent quality, only 2o or 25 seats, French accents etc.

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                I love the food at Jacques Bistro...but I find the tables too close together and not private enough to be romantic....I also like Zucca...dim lights....excellent food and romantic privacy...for something a little pricier I like the Rooftop Resto in the Park Hyatt...cozy romantic setting including a fireplace....Miranda