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Oct 7, 2008 04:25 PM

Deep fryer

I am thinking about getting a deep fryer and have read many of the past threads here and on other boards and there does not seem to be a consensus number one pick. I am down to 3 models all of which seem to have shortcomings:

The T-Fal easy clean - Downside from many reviews I have read online is that it never gets hot enough and drops rapidly in temperature.

A Delonghi Exlcusivo (I think - I saw it at Home Outfitters - I live in Canada). The reviews for delonghi deep fryers seem all over the place so I am not certain about this one at all.

The Waring Pro. This is the one I am leaning towards. Most reviews seem to note the 1800 Watts power but some say it still does not retain heat as well as it should and that the odour is not good (the TFal apparently has a charcoal filter).

So, what advice do people have on these above? I have read many people praising the TFal - do people thinks its ok temperature wise?

Sadly, old reliable consumer reports does not have ratings for deep fryers.

Cheers and many thanks!

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  1. I have used a T Fal but gave up a couple of years ago. It is somewhat dirty to operate, and a pain to clean. It takes awhile to recover lost temperature
    Today I use a cast iron pot with a remote temperature probe when I need 6" of hot oil. The cast iron will retain heat, and much more btu's can be added over a high btu burner, i.e., more than an 1800 watt coil. A 220 volt induction burner would give ideal control.

    For simple fried chicken and fish, I use a cast iron pan with 2.5" oil, a temp. probe, and I turn once.

    For me, those automatic units are more trouble than they are worth.

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      I agree completely. All you need are a cast-iron pot of depth appropriate to what you're cooking and an adequate burner, plus a thermometer if you need one. I sometimes fry at 400 degrees or even a little higher, and modern electric fryers won't go that high. (The lawyers won't allow it.)


      1. re: Jim Washburn

        Exactly. The lawyers tell the engineers not to exceed 375, so they design the things not to exceed 360, and the engineers tell the manufacturers not to exceed 360, so they make fryers that go to 350, and that's why none of them make decent fries.

    2. I think design is more important than brand name, They are all probably made by the same companies in China anyway. I used a Rival model until it died recently, and it worked pretty well mainly because it had a fairly high wattage and large oil capacity. Also, it heated the oil using a submerged heating element instead of heating a pot containing the oil. So look for those features. As for the old Rival, it never came up to the advertised maximum temp, which seems to be a problem for man brands. Now I use a big pot and a probe thermometer.

      1. I have checked out 10 rating unanimous winner..but the 2 tied with most positive feed backs are the presto pro fry and the delonghi roto electric fryer. I just happen to come to this page because i am also looking. I think i like this site...will visit often.