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Oct 7, 2008 04:24 PM

40th birthday dinner in Seattle--without breaking the bank

Husband's turning 40 and I want to take him to a cozy, romantic spot, but not break the bank. Suggestions?

He likes pretty much everything, but I'm trying to get away from Italian as we're doing that later this weekend.

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  1. I've celebrated a number of birthdays at Dahlia Lounge--I find it romantic so that would be my recommendation.

    1. My suggestions would be Moxie, La Isla, Cremant, Portage, Crave, How to Cook a Wolf, & Matt's in the Market.

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          1. re: natalie.warner

            Just called them - they aren't closing until 10/30.

      1. Lark or Harvest Vine, hands down.

        1. I had my 38th birthday at Cremant and a would absolutely recommend it for a birthday dinner. Delicious, rich, decadent and didn't break the bank. Matt's is always a good bet too. Another suggestion is Place Pigalle. Their mussels are fantastic.

          1. "Divine"....very good, creative Greek food.....NE 80th and Roosevelt...cozy & romantic as well.