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Oct 7, 2008 04:23 PM

Helen's Garden-any comments?

Since I messed up and missed Mama's on the Halfshell (totally EMBARRASSING) by going to Nacho Mama's instead, Hubby and I are going to visit Mama's next week so I can get my fix on OYSTERS!

In the meantime, I saw Helen's Garden and viewed their website menu, which looks quite enticing. But, since I haven't heard anyone reviewing the place I thought that I would seek opinions (if any), as to whether anyone has dined there. FoiGras

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  1. People are very divided on this place. I love the apps and desert, and usually make my meal with 2 of each. The cheese and fruit plate is very inviting, soup can be good too. Service is sparky and not at all subservient, which I like. A good variety of wines by the glass. Nice artsy-homey deco. Now wait for the other side!

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    1. My in-laws adore Helen's Garden, so I have been there quite a few times. I would say that the food is consistently good, not outstanding. It's a safe choice and the atmosphere is nice. It's very well managed. I agree that the service is "sparky and not at all subservient."

      They do have a really great happy hour...go to happy hour at Helen's and then dinner at Mama's (although I would rather eat at Helen's than at Mama's...IMO the service at Mama's is awful and the food is just okay).

      1. Helen's reputation historically has been hit and miss. The menu has not changed in years, and i would suggest it for Sunday brunch rather than dinner. The wine selection is great (40 by the glass). The problem is that typically the ones I order seem like they were opened a long time ago and have lost some life. Foie Gras, didn't you recently post a negative experience with the food at Mamma's? Just wondering about your motivation to return so quickly, and how you ended up at Nacho's by "mistake"?

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          My mistake in going to Nacho Mama's versus the Halfshell--well, it was really a stupid mistake. Hubby and I were able to get a parking space directly in front of the restaurant. There were a lot of people standing on the sidewalk. We weaved our way through the crowd and saw the bar and the hostess stand. The hostess was practically out the door and on the street and asked if we wanted a table. My hubby was discussing issues about his disastrous day at work. I was concentrating on his dissertation and we just followed the hostess to a table. I remember commenting on the painted walls and then looking at the menu wondering why there weren't any oysters. But, I just continued to listen to my hubby and ignored my instincts.

          We laugh about the error now. My hubby says that I am a great listener and is delighted that I gave him my full attention instead of turning to my chowhound side and focusing on FOOD!

          I am disappointed, though, that I didn't get to eat the oysters on horseback at Mama's, or the fried oysters, etc. It seems to be one of the few restaurants that offer oysters on horseback. The only other place I know of that carries the dish is the Manor Tavern in Monkton. FoiGras

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            Are you interested in returning to Halfshell despite your first experience? Though I agreed with your disappointment there, it unfortunately seemed to damper your enthusiasm to try other great possibilities in canton. What are your thoughts?

            1. re: kelarry

              Kelarry, she didn't go to Mama's on the Halfshell. She went to Nacho Mama's by mistake. She doesn't have any experience at all, disappointing or not, with Halfshell.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                Am not at all disappointed in Canton and the restaurant scene. My hubby is less enthusiastic, mainly because of the parking situation. Although, as I previously mentioned, we parked easily on the night we went to Nacho Mama's. I've heard too many good things from the Chowhounds regarding the various restaurants in that area to miss out. FoiGras

        2. Have tried nothing but brunch which was excellent. Service was good; very professional. Totally satisfying.

          1. The original comment has been removed