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Oct 7, 2008 04:16 PM

Searching for good spot near fisherman's wharf

My wife and I recently moved to SF and our family is coming down upon us and booked into the Fisherman's wharf (not the ideal area) and would like to go to a restaurant within walking distance. Being a bit of a snob I was hoping to avoid the Bubba Gump fish company, any thoughts on good nearby spots? Also, my sister is bringing her 3 year-old son so kid friendly is preferred.

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  1. OK, I'm gonna get slammed by the locals for this, but speaking as a tourist, Scoma's is not a bad choice. My husband & I went there last year with his parents. Pleasant surroundings, good views, professional service, and surprisingly good food. Their cioppino is especially good. AND they have a children's menu.

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      From my read of this board you are perfectly justified, for lunch. Caveats appear around dinner time.

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        My in-laws from Santa Maria regularly go to Scoma's for lunch when they visit and seem to enjoy it . Don't know what they order.

    2. A second vote for Scoma's! Great seafood, crayons for the children.

      1. Haven't been to Scoma's in years, so maybe it's improved.

        Marche in Ghiradelli is quite good. And then you can take the kids to Kara's Kupcakes afterward!

        We also had a good meal at the Blue Mermaid in the Argonaut Hotel -- terrific chowder. Basic but good. And you might qualify for the local's discount, you need to ask for it.

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          You could look to take the trolley up the hill and check out Polk & Larkin (might be fun for the out of towners) but I can't think of anywhere especially kid-friendly off hand. It would give you quite a few more options, maybe some of the others on the board (with kids) can help.

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            Confused, what trolley and where with parallel streets?