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Oct 7, 2008 04:09 PM

Visiting Town for Only 3 Days: Quintessential Boston Eating Help!

Hello all,

I'm visiting your very pretty city from San Francisco, where I usually post and review restaurants. Now I am visiting Boston (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and would love some recommendation for a quintessential Boston experience. Anything that is local and typical is fair game- and ethnic restaurants are not, unless you feel they are a must experience (I'm thinking he equivalent of Momofuku in New York!). I am also looking for a restaurant recommendation for the North End without ending up at a tourist trap. Help??


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. North End recs (there are gobs of threads that go into more detail):
      Seafood: Neptune Oyster (recommend a lobster roll, hot with butter)
      High-end, great wine list: Prezza
      Pizza: Pizzeria Regina

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        Thank you so much!! I will try to hit at least one of these places...

      2. The crickets chirping might be the result of group therapy to deal with our collective Napoleon complex while basking in the culinary mecca that is SF. One way we deal with this is by drinking, which we do pretty well here.

        For cocktails (a la Bourbon and Branch), I'd recommend hitting Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square, Green Street Grill in Central Square, No. 9 Park on the Common, and Drink downtown. [Drink is brand spanking new, but the track record of the bartenders and management in their small local group of establishments is solid]. For wine, Troquet, (opposite the Common from No. 9), has a superb wines by the glass list, and No. 9 also has a respectable list. For beer, ES and GS both have good beer, as does the Publick House in Brookline and Deep Ellum in Allston. Green St is almost certainly the best dollar value overall, including food, though I think Drink (for cocktails) and Troquet (for wine) are also very fairly-priced. I will say that, for all of the above, I've never felt I have overpaid for anything, maybe spent too much, but not overpaid, if you catch my drift.

        Knowing your budget or where you're staying might help. One "don't miss" would be having coffee or a snack in the Boston Public Library on Copley Square. The coffee and food are rather middling, but the space is stunning.

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          well, you certainly made me laugh out loud!! I'm staying right by Copley Square, so tomorrow morning I will head into the library for coffee... and honestly, you guys are fending off quite well if I can say so- I've never had lobster this good or clam chowder this creamy and delicious- even when served in a sourdough bowl, well, it's not the same!!
          Thank you SO much!