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Oct 7, 2008 03:26 PM

Hill-Bert's Hamburgers closed?!?

I was driving by the other day, they looked totally empty and the sign was gone. Did they close? What the efff?? I loved them!

Anyone have some info on this?

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  1. Turn West on 34th street, across from the Randalls, where the Taco Bell used to be, and you'll find them there. I think they are also opening a new location up north on Burnet road. They did lose their lease though on Lamar.

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    1. re: tjt

      Is the original post in reference to the Capital Plaza location near 51st and IH-35?

      1. re: pwang

        The Hill-berts on Lamar around 34th has closed. The location on 34th/35th street west of Lamar is still open. Supposedly they are moving north has tjt states.

        1. re: pwang

          Sorry, I was referring to the N. Lamar location.