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Oct 7, 2008 03:22 PM

Where's The Lard?

Any of you hounds know where I can buy lard on the Westside? Ralphs and Pavillions and Whole Foods don't carry it anymore(thanks to the self appointed food police, no doubt), and I need to fry some chicken the old fashioned "so bad but tastes so good" way.


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  1. I would think that any grocery store that caters to a Latino clientele will carry it (manteca, in Spanish).

    1. Yeah, well, Latino groceries are a bit thin on the ground, there in the outer reaches, but I'd look for one as close as you can get. If you do find a "mainstream" store that carries lard, it'll certainly be that godawful hydrogenated Farmer John crap. The manteca from most Latino stores has a pretty piggy taste we're not used to nowadays, but just look at it as saving you from having to add any bacon grease...

      Not strictly Westside, by current reckoning (with which I disrespectfully disagree), but you might as at one or both of the butcher stalls at the Farmer's Market.

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      1. re: Will Owen

        Actually, I recently emailed Farmer John to ask about their lard. They responded that their lard isn't hydrogenated.

        1. re: PiFan7

          Well, they had to do SOMETHING to make it shelf-stable, and whatever it was couldn't have been pretty. I would never buy lard that didn't have to be refrigerated, at least now that I know better.

          There was an old butcher in our little town, the grandpa of a friend of mine, who regularly rendered lard in a big kettle in the shed behind his store. As a special treat he'd give me a big paper bag full of "cracklin's" which I would dutifully lug home, and Mom would sigh and put them out where the stray animals could get to them. These were not your light and puffy chicharrones, I must say, but heavy greasy chewy rinds. Guess old Charley just didn't have his kettle hot enough...

      2. What do you consider westside? Sanchez Market on Inglewood, jut below Culver should have it.

        1. When you use the generic term 'lard' you will generally be directed to the 'manteca' garbage sitting at room temperature, away from the refrigerated section. Bad.


          Call ahead, and plan on rendering it yourself.

          1. A lot of Mexican meat markets that make their own chicharron will sell you the lard rendered from the pork skin for a minimal price. Just ask since it's not not visible.

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            1. re: Neta

              I've found the liquid gold at Mexican Markets in the Deli, not the the packaged meat which that brick stuff.


              1. re: Neta

                I am not talking about that "white brick stuff". I said it was the lard rendered from the chicharron which is the liquid gold stuff and you find it at a Mexican carneceria..

                1. re: Neta

                  You might want to ask at a local carneceria.Store bought stuff is crap anyway