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Oct 7, 2008 03:22 PM

In search for Lunch places around Civic Center

I just moved to SF and am working at 9th & Mission. Can you suggest some good places to have lunch no more tahn a 10 minute walk away? It's right around Civic Center.


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  1. In the Civic Center, ethnic is your best bet...Larkin Street [Eight Street becomes Larkin Street when it crosses Market Street] is called Little Saigon for all of its Vietnamese places...there are two Binh Ma places, Saigon Sandwiches being the better known...Larkin Express [btwn Golden Gate and Turk] serves well regarded Burmese food...also on that block is Cafe Ramind which has good sandwiches, salads and hot plates in a vaguely Hawaiian style...

    I'm not sure if it's within your 10 minute radius, but there's an Indian buffet at Turk and Van Ness...also on Van Ness, California Pizza Kitchen has a spot btwn McAllister and Golden Gate Avenue...

    I'm not as familiar with the south side of Market Street, but there is a new-ish Vietnamese place called Miss Saigon at 6th and Mission, and Custom Burger on 7th, just south of Mission...

    There have been several threads on this topic over the years, so I suggest you do a search of this site, in addition to whatever responses you get...

    1. Brenda's French Soul Food (652 Polk, at Eddy St) It's a bit of a hike, maybe 15 minutes. The place is small and busy. Very good. Worth it if you can spare over an hour for lunch on occasion. Closed on Tuesdays.

      1. I like the middle eastern place, gyro king, across from the library. I usually don't go at crunch time - either before or after.

        1. About 2 blocks down Mission is Zaoh, a very good Japanese lunch place. It's been around for quite awhile.

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            Zaoh was around back in 97 when I worked in that area. And the Chinese restaurant next to it.

            Co-workers and I would also grab sandwiches from Quincy's, head to Don Ramon's or head to this Thai place (don't remember the name, just that it was south of Market and ran parallel to Market). A few other options we had have closed, but I'm generally not in that part of town

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              And don't forget the best sandwich place in town. Ted's Deli on 11th and Howard.

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                Yeah, Ted's is great. The daily specials are great, like the roast pork.