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Oct 7, 2008 03:18 PM

Best food neighborhood in San Francisco?

We are coming to S.F. for 2 nights only, and staying in Union Square. We were wondering what is a great neighborhood to walk around with lots of restaurants so we can check a few out each night- maybe drinks and apps or small plates at a few different places. We aren't looking for anything too upscale, but we love good food and wine!!

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  1. Probably the Mission, between 16th and 18th, and Mission, Dolores. Take BART.

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    1. re: ML8000

      I would walk down Valencia, and not Mission.

    2. I would take the 38 and get off at Fillmore; you have your choice of Japanese (all of Japantown), SPQR, Delfina Pizza, and about FIFTY other eateries in a six- or eight-block walk (as well as cool shops, jazz, etc.)

      1. Thanks, any favorites you would recommend?

        1. For a slightly more mellow experience, I'd recommend taking the J-Church to Noe Valley - there are excellent restaurants along both "arms" of this neighborhood (24th St and Church St), including Bacco, Firefly, Hamano, Incanto, Fresca, and Eric's...

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            In Noe, there are good places to eat dinner. During the day, I would strenuously disagree that there is anything of any interest.

          2. For window shopping, people watching, and bar/restaurant hopping, I would recommend North Beach for first time visitors. Tons of great dining options, just keep away from the torrist traps!