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Oct 7, 2008 02:55 PM

Non-fusty romantic dinner in Hudson Valley?


My boyfriend and I are staying at the Buttermilk Falls Inn in Milton this weekend for our anniversary and we're looking for somewhere to have dinner Saturday night. Ideally we'd go to Swoon in Hudson but it seems to be too far a drive. Depuy Canal House and Ship's Lantern seem too fusty for us.

I've poked around on the CH boards and narrowed it down to:

- Elephant--though I'm not the biggest tapas fan
- The Would
- Madalin's Table--though it also might be too far a drive?

Any other suggestions? Or thoughts on the above?

Many thanks!!

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  1. I've heard that the Would is very good - and haven't been to the other two, although I think they are probably about a 25-30 minute drive.

    I like the Raccoon Saloon, which is practically right down the road from Buttermilk Falls - they use fresh ingredients, it has more of a pub/saloon type feel, and they have many nice Irish beers on tap. Plus, their burgers are awesome.

    You could also head to New Paltz, which would be about 20 minutes away - Beso might be too fussy, but there is a new wine bar called 36 Main that looks very nice.

    You are going to love Buttermilk Falls - I hope your b/f is going to treat you to some spa stuff!

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      I think the Would is a great suggestion, if you want to travel a bit how about Twist in Hyde Park?
      Check this board - it's received some very good reviews.
      I do not recommend the Swoon, especially to someone driving an hour to get there. Madelin's Table in Tivoli is very good, and a bit closer than Hudson.

    2. Hudson's not THAT far, is it? Not sure where you live but presumably it's going to be much closer than it would normally be. You may as well go to the best place you can in the general area.

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        According to google maps, Hudson is 1 hour away from Milton. We live about 15 minutes south of Milton, and I remember thinking that Hudson seemed very far away.

      2. Based on your requirements and preferences, I highly recommend two relative newcomers with the region: the Busy Bee (just across the river in Poughkeepsie) great modern cooking, low key vibe; and the Global Palate (straight shot north up 9W in West Park) ambitious menu, commitment to local/organic ingredients, more formal setting. Enjoy and happy anniversary!

        1. How about the Red Onion in Saugherties?? close enough??

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            If you like Hudson, I think Ca Mea across the street from Swoon is much better!

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              I like Casa Mia. After dinner, they used to put down a bottle of Anisette to go with the demi tasse. Raccoon Saloon is fine and there is a tremendous selection of beers.

          2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! We ended up taking a really nice drive up the Taconic to Hudson and going to Swoon, in part because, well, we figured MisterBill had a point! We enjoyed Swoon a lot--I had the duck confit and my boyfriend had the short ribs. Only thing that was lacking was the dessert--we got the hazelnut cake which was dry and not particularly memorable. But we loved the area and can't wait to go back and try some of these other recs, especially The Would and Madalin's Table. Thanks all!