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Oct 7, 2008 01:44 PM

Seafood in Cancun area.

Please let me know your opinions about a good seafood restaurant, I don't mind if is a stand in a "Mercado"

Thank you all

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  1. Flamingo;s in Punta Sam is very good, you pick your fish they weigh it and cook it over wood or anyway you want. The place is very pretty with a big palapa on the Caribbean. Go early in the everning as the big meal is late lunch. The ceviches are good and the arroz
    tumbada is also a winner. Great atmoshpere., what Cancun used to be

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      Do you mean in Puerto Juarez? Of course there may well be one in Punta Sam as well, but the one I know is in PJ.

      I like El Fish Frittanga on Blvd Kukulcan in Cancun. On the side of Laguna Nichupte just across from the fire station. Nice atmosphere and bitchin' pescadillas.

      The location isn't super amazing for my absolute favorite seafood place, but I've visited regularly for almost 8 years and stil love it. It's called El Timon Jarocho on Lopez Portillo just before it hits Av Comacalco.

      For breaded shrimp tacos, the ladies who have a taco stand just outside the bus station are amazing. I can't get enough of those and apparently neither can other Cancunenses since it's always packed and almost everyone asks for at least one taco de camaron empanizado. The rest of their tacos are lovely as well, but I always get at least one shrimp.

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        Are you talking about el Timon on Aveida Uxmal and chitzeniza ? there are a lot of el timons. I am down there all the time and wil try your place on the lagoon. We used to go there years ago by boat when it was a log and a bunson burner...As far as taco joints go what is the one down the street from checondole, big and busy at night something about tio in the name.

        1. re: barb1

          No, that's another...this is El Timon Jarocho en Lopez Portillo. Never been to the one you're talking about...not sure why. I think I heard a rumor that it was dirty and that's why I never went.

          Do you mean Checandole on Xpujil right near Mercado 28? There's one called Le Bons that I love right in Mercado 28 and it gets busy at night. That's the only hopping taqueria I can think of right there...although there's one called Tacos Rigo on the other side of Av Palenque that's also very busy all day and night.

          I feel like there's another Checandole in Cancun but I can't think of where. The one I'm talking about is in my old 'hood. There's also a good taco stand just outside of the super in Mercado 28 at night.

          There's also another place that's a bit more rustic near El Fish Frittanga...I think it's actually called La Pescadilla.

          1. re: GabachaYucateca

            The other Checandole is in the mall at 11.5-12 KM in the Zona Hotelera i thinks its called Flamingo Plaza , its right beside the McDonalds hahaha. I stayed at the Baccara and we ate at Checandole more times than i can mention