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Oct 7, 2008 01:38 PM

South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes

Hi! Does anyone have any good easy recipes for Phase One of the South Beach Diet.


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  1. I like the talipia or other like fish cooked in the oven with soy sauce, green onions, vermouth (some other things I think)...easy, fast and good.

    1. Do you have any of the cookbooks? I think a lot of the Phase 1 recipes are good enough to serve to people who aren't on South Beach. Most of the fish recipes are good. There's one with yogurt and Indian spices that I've made several times.

      1. South beach rocks! One we like a lot is to put chopped zuchinni, cherry tomatoes, onions, broccoli and chicken chunks in a baking dish. Then cover in basil pesto and reduced fat mozza. Bake until chicken is cooked. SOOOO yummy! You can eat it as is, or serve it with pasta to non-south beachers :)