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Oct 7, 2008 01:25 PM

Fish noodles in Richmond Hill - new hours

So there's this tiny place called Ho Tsing Heung (aka The Delicious Food Restaurant) up at Hwy. 7 & Chalmers that had long acquired quite a reputation for itself due to its, well, delicious food, but primarily for their brusque service and the fact that only time they felt like opening was weekdays from 11am-1pm. As you may imagine, there was always a mad fight to commandeer a spot in the eatery, and appreciation for the (very cheap) dishes was perhaps bolstered by the happiness in acquiring said table.

Anyhow, they are now open for dinner service, and (at least when I went) the vibe is way more relaxed. And...the servers are being nice and friendly. So if you're into, or have wanted to try out the food - the famous fish noodles and fish balls, braised chicken wings, yeun tai (braised pork thigh) - here's your chance. But if you were into the Soup-Naziesque thrill of its previous incarnation, I'm afraid that train has left the station.

The Delicious Food Restaurant
360 Hwy. 7 East

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