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Oct 7, 2008 01:24 PM

Restaurants at the Seminole HardRock

I'm taking my boyfriend to a comedy show at the Improv at the Hard Rock. Any suggestions on restaurants in the Hard Rock before the show?

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  1. I found Tatu the best, though I have not been in a couple of years. Renegade was not bad. I was told the Mexican was awful by someone who liked both Tatu and Renegade. Also, if you have the Herald Card, they used to have a significant discount for Tatu.

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        if you are talking about the Hollywood FL Hard Rock, the only decent restaurant is Council Oak, their steakhouse. The best meal there if you need a place to dine before a show. You might want to make a reservation as soon as possible as since it is the only decent place they fill up fast. I waited until the week before a show once and they were booked. Tatu was marginal, though I wouldn't rush back there any time soon. Tequila Ranch was eh.

        Essentially what I am saying is that if you are a Chowhound-snob (like I 'think' I am ; )) in need of a place for any show at Hard Rock, the only place outside of some place on the way to the show is Council Oak. And then Ben & Jerry's for dessert!

      2. I'm asking about the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood. Thanks for the suggestions....I noticed that Council Oak is on the pricey side. I was planning on keeping it a bit more low key. So, if there's nothing really worth visiting inside the resort, is there anything nearby that is reasonably priced and casual? I live in south Miami, so I am not familiar with the area at all.

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          I went to see STP at the Hard Rock and ate at Tatu before the show. The sushi was surprisingly good and the menu had a nice variety to it. There was also a nice crowd there. If you dont make a reservation though, I recommend getting there no later than 630p. The hostess and sushi chefs both said that the place fills up around 730-8p and we walked out around 7pm and it was already starting to get packed.

          I havent dined anywhere else there but Id go back to Tatu for another meal if I ever find myself at the Hard Rock again for a concert (great place to see a show too)

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            Give Tatu a try then. If I remember correctly, what killed it for us was the service. It wasn't busy and I remember our table getting agitated as the meal went on because it was so bad. Regards to anything in the area, it is kind of on the outskirts of a suburban area so not too familiar with anything as we usually just hit the show up and dined somewhere in Hard Rock...

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            If you like Indian food, Royal India is about 1.5 miles away and it's pretty decent.

          3. I thought Renegade was really bad. We have had a couple of good dinners at Tatu. I still think the dining there in general is dissapointing, there are better places in the general area. When we have had tickets for a show and wanted to stay close by, I would vote for Tatu.

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              I would make a note that for the most part, leaving for dinner and coming back to Hard Rock is a HUGE pain, which has allowed several of these restaurants to survive. also, try not to valet, it's usually quicker.

            2. I say flip a coin or roll a die...

              For me (I'm not a huge asian fan, though I like sushi) Tatu was a bit spicy and the decor was waaayyy too chic for me (I felt like I was either in a night-club or S&M house with the chain curtains). We had a decent experience at the mexican joint (the guacamole was nice), but it was not a stunner. Council Oak was good, but I've had better steak and it is a bit pricey for what you are getting. The Hard Rock is The Hard Rock- no surprises or innovation. I've never done the BBQ joint.

              I kinda feel like all of the restaurants have a see-and-be-seen quality, with a Disney-land overly-dramatic themed decor, but the food is all pretty mediocre. You might be better off to select a "theme" you like and just have the mediocre food to match... Just my thoughts...

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                Agreed QTWO. I dine there for convenience of the show and dinner thing in one spot and nothing else. These are not destinations places to go to on a whim or planned for dinner only unless you have a show to go to as well..