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Oct 7, 2008 01:18 PM

HELP! NYer in Dallas needs great BBQ!

I will be traveling to Dallas / Fort Worth this weekend for a wedding and need to find some GREAT BBQ! Chowhound please help!

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  1. NYer , you have a problem......strange as it is , there are no longer any great BBQ joints in Dallas now that Sonny Bryant has passed on . Our best is Baby Back Shak , which is very good except for their brisket ; everything else is stellar . The best BBQ I've tasted lately was at Angelo's , but you'll have to drive to Ft Worth for that .
    P.S. Are you aware that the annual Texas State Fair is currently in the middle of its 3 week is a lot of fun to go and eat all that incredible junk food that they offer . Plus , the state fair is a hoot in and of itself .

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    1. re: pinotho

      THANKS! I will definately check out babyback as well as the fair.

      1. re: BudFox

        al's barbecue or al's smokehouse on inwood rd. nobody slow smokes their meat anymore except for al's. that's because corporate america deems slow to be unprofitable to those corp restaurants. al's is an independent bbq joint. lot's of good ol' boys dine there daily. it's a real man's dining place.