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Oct 7, 2008 01:16 PM

Newport: Drinks, Dinners and Post-Dinner Plans

Hello fellow Hounds, new to this section of the boards and very excited to be here. Next weekend I'm taking my girlfriend to Newport for a long weekend. I've got 3 parts to my post here...

The first 2 parts are tied together. Right now I'm thinking about Fluke's, The Mooring and Tucker's Bistro for our 3 dinners. My main concern with dinner is that the food has to be great, we're not snobby but are both New Yorkers and know good food. I don't want to break the bank at any one place (as I've read is easily done at The Red Parrot). I'd like to stay in the $40-75 range per person. At least one dinner needs a spectacular view. How "nice" it is really isn't that important, just that the food is great. Alongside that, we'd like to find some places to grab a drink beforehand if there's anything convenient to the restaurants.

The last part is, what's there to do in Newport at night? Are there any fun bars? Any special place to go for just dessert? It doesn't seem like there's a music scene at all (at least according to Pollstar, there's nothing for the next 2 months). We're in our 20's and for the most part want a relaxing weekend, but for Friday or Saturday night if we want to go out, what are our options?

Thanks all!

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  1. there are colleges in newport and so yes! there is a night life. I dont know which ones are good, it's been years....but the bars are never hard to find.

    1. Food in Newport in general will not compare to New York - the three places you have chosen are all good. The Mooring is the only one with a view - oh, actually, Fluke does have a view, I've only had snacks there and they were pretty good. No particular place for desert, but the Cooke House has one great option, Snowball in Hell (you must like chocolate) the bar scene is also fun there, dancing downstairs and a little more upscale upstairs - the music scene is the Newport Blues Cafe (that's it) - you might want to go for character over the actual food - Fifth Element is a fun bar and has great food, it's casual and not particularly romantic. Perro Salado is good interesting mexican w/ great drinks. Zelda's has bistro type food and a small crowded and fun bar. Your info about the Red Parrot is incorrect, it's not expensive - but it's not really worth the visit.

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        Agreed: Red Parrot is pretty cheap and pretty meh.

      2. For the special dinner try the Inn at Castle Hill. Quite a spectacular location, altho at nite you wont be able to see too well. They also do a fabulous Sunday brunch.

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          I agree that Castle Hill is great for a special dinner, but it may be too $$$$ for the OP. At the very least, I would recommend at least a stop for a before dinner drink. I would dress a little warmer so I could sit outside, grab a drink and take a walk on the lawn and watch the sunset.

        2. Agree with the Cooke House for the quintessential Newport scene. Castle Hill is a knockout experience - but have LUNCH there to get the daytime view and avoid breaking the bank. Dinner at Pasta Beach for fab italian food (and walk down the street for a drink at the Chanler beforehand for another amazing view). Skip the Red Parrot, definitely skip the Mooring. Perro Salado is a great place to end the night.

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          1. re: Kitzy

            Agree w/all of this except I always have a good meal at The Mooring.

          2. zelda's for dinner and bar is fun but small

            west deck for upscale bar scene

            clarke cooke house downstairs bar - aka "The Candy Store". It is like going to a friends house for a dance party

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              Do you mean the basement dance club? That is the Boom Boom Room. The Candy Store is simply the ground level restaurant & bar at the CCH. But I hear people say that all the time.