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Oct 7, 2008 01:15 PM

Dinner with Inlaws - Great Service and Scene.

I'm arranging a dinner with my parents, who are visiting from out of town, and my in-laws (also from out of town)

My in-laws are incredibly, incredibly, picky about service and atmosphere. If its too loud of a restaurant, and they arn't being attented to, my father in law will have a miserable time - no matter how good the food might be.

My mother in law on the other hand really wants to go somewhere with a really 'happening' scene - I'm assuming she is looking to see some celebrities.

My Parents are treating my inlaws, and my significant other and myself, to this dinner so i dont want anywhere over the top expensive - just somewhere pretty nice, with good service, and the potential to see some famous faces.

I know its a lot of requirements - but any ideas? I've been thinking possibly Koi? or Nonna on Sunset?....

Neighborhood: Beverly Hills/West Hollywood
Price Range: $$$ (out of four)
Total Pppl: 6
Dining on: Sunday (time will depend on whats available)
Type of Food: Open to anything with good service and a 'scene'


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      1. re: RicRios

        It is a little loud, but I have been in worse. And I find the service very good.

        1. re: lotta_cox

          How does it compare to, say, Comme Ca? I went there for my anniversary this year (mistake) and it was SO loud and the tables were SO crammed together that we felt like we were sitting with the people next to us. Granted - the service was GREAT - but the overall ambiance killed it for us.

          1. re: kcharlotte18

            I find AOC to be less loud than Comme Ca, which was one of the places I was thinking of in comparison.

        1. To my great regret I don't see any better option than M...a ( sorry, beats me, I can't spell it in full ).

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          1. re: RicRios

            ozz? Lucques? Great food, quiet......

            1. re: budlit

              Lucques or JAR ... haven't been to Jar on a Sunday, but the other nights I've gone I've seen several celebrities, it has good service and seems in-law friendly.

              1. re: SecretHeadquarters

                Thanks!!! I'll look into Jar - it had been in the back of my mind this morning as a potential place. I've always wanted to try Lucques but im afraid, unless your from LA and have heard all the buzz about it, it won't seem so 'happening' to my celeb-stalking mother in law.

                1. re: kcharlotte18

                  I love Jar but it is very loud. Have never seen any celebs there either, that I can recall.

                  On Sundays, Lucques has the Sunday Suppers (prix fixe and no choices as to app or dessert, and you choose between two entrees). So, probably not a great idea for your situation.

                  What age range of celebrities does your mother in law want?

                  1. re: Debbie W

                    Yeah I just looked into lucques and the prix fixe probably wont work. I'd worry about Jar too - if it really is quite loud.
                    I'm becoming less worried about the celebs as time goes on - I suppose I'm realizing that Id rather everyone have an amazing meal and good conversation, than see Al Pacino or the likes.

                    1. re: kcharlotte18

                      On a Sunday, the noise level at Jar should be fine and the food will be terrific.

                      1. re: New Trial

                        I agree with this. I'd got to Jar on a Sunday. The food is stellar. And with regard to celebrity, chances are you will see one and not recognize them. Although I have seen celebs at Jar many times.

                    2. re: Debbie W

                      Tried Booking at the Mozzas but they were booked up until 10pm - eek! I've taken my own parents to the Grill on the Alley - they liked it, but I'd like them (and myself) to try something new...

                      Maybe I'll try Pane e Vino... Its close to home and it looks pretty good and not over the top expensive (like Maestros or Spago or such...)

                      would love to go to hatfields but the price worries me....

            2. La Terza, Foundry (patio), Hatfields, Citrus