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Oct 7, 2008 12:59 PM

Local source for Creme de Violette?

I pointed a friend towards this post but she says "Not only is Gordon's Liquors not located in Newton, their real store in Waltham doesn't carry it. "

Any other suggestions for me to pass along to her?

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    1. re: Taralli

      I knew you guys would come through! Thanks!

    2. Brix in the South End has carried the Rothman & Winter Violette with pretty good regularity over the past year. If they're not stocking it at the moment, fear not. They've got a really good distribution channel for this and all of the Haus Alpenz products and have been known to place orders for those who are acutely interested in something.

      Brix Wine Shop
      1284 Washington St, Boston, MA

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      1. re: AbeFroman


        I had posted on the Gordon's in "Newton". I just checked the website and it's actually considered Watertown still at that point (I had the town line juuuuust off) The address is 51 Watertown St, Watertown, MA and their phone is (617)926-1119. When I was in there last week I still saw the Rothman & Winter on the shelf. I think it's about $22-23 a bottle.

        Give my apologies to your friend on the semi-wild goose chase but have her call just to make sure they still have it in stock and to double check on my price point info.

        1. re: Scortch

          Thanks for the followup - that makes a lot more sense!

      2. I stopped in Gordon's in Watertown last night and picked up a bottle of the Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette. Only $20!

        As of today (feb 6) they only have one bottle left on the shelves. The lady asked me about it when i bought it and i mentioned i found out they stocked it through this website. She said she didn't even know they carried it, or what it was but would be glad to order more if people are looking for it.

        They also had Plymouth Gin for only $22/750ml so i picked that up too and tried my hand at making an Aviation. Very nice! Just so you know if you haven't mixed with Creme De Violette, it only takes a tiny bit for a good cocktail, maybe half a teaspoon for me got a slight purple color and that very nice Violet finish on the martini. Great stuff.

        Thanks for the tip! if i hadn't come across this site i would probably still be searching around the boston area for a bottle...

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        1. re: ostara

          DO'nt know of a local source but if you're a violette fan, keep your eyes out for Suntory Violette which is incredibly floral http://spiritsandcocktails.wordpress....

          1. re: ostara

            I just bought the last bottle at Gordon's (Watertown) - they said they already had more on order. Thanks for the tip!

          2. Downtown in Davis Sq had many bottles last Saturday - don't remember the price.