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Oct 7, 2008 12:34 PM

foodie Dad's b-day dinner

My parents are serious NYC foodies who live in the Village and seem to know every new restaurant within a week of its opening. We are taking them out for my Dad's b-day and looking for something new, fun and yummy. Their taste is ecumenical; they love everything from Hearth to WD-50 as long as it is excellently prepared. Ideas??

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  1. What is the budget and ideal atmosphere. Where have they already been?

    1. would your parents travel to a different borough. as they seem to be on top of nyc maybe taking them to brooklyn for your dads bday would be fun.

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        We can go to the $100 per person range. atmosphere -- not too loud, nice room but not stuffy. They are in their 70's but very downtown, travel alot . We are looking at Bklyn options (my boro) because, I agree, we will definitely be more likely to find something to suprise them with here but also thinking dwntwn Manhattan.
        Where have they been, sheesh, if it has been open more than a year and is downtown it is a good bet they have tried it.