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Oct 7, 2008 12:04 PM

Fun, Boozy Brunch - Downtown, +10 ppl??

Suggestions, thanks!

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  1. nero in meatpacking has a brunch for $25 which includes food and unlimited beverages for 2hours. the bloodys were spicy. the food is good, nothing crazy but worth the deal if you are going to have 2+drinks.

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    1. re: mch

      seconding the sunburnt cow. Make reservations. Not fancy but tasty and tons of fun. Very boozy.

      1. re: mch

        Nero is a great idea. I entertained a party of 12 there. Food is inoffensive, drinks are strong and the price is right.

      2. Essex
        Sunburnt Cow
        caliente cab co

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        1. re: kcijones001

          2nd Essex, but definitely make reservations.

          1. re: fooodie

            I was going to suggest Essex. I've ended up at many a birthday brunch there with lots of people.


        2. pastis, dos caminos, felix.....

          1. thor and tre will also work

            1. I also thought Bagatelle, but in sundays, too? Prob more along the lines of Felix, right?

              Is the crowd okay at Sunburnt Cow?

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                I wasn't a fan of my dinner at Bagatelle (I posted a report), but it is a beautiful room, and certainly can accomodate a group of that size.