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Matyson lately?

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I haven't heard any buzz lately about one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Does anyone have any recent reports to share? Also, has anyone else had trouble with the website? I usually go there to see what the weekly tasting menu will be, but the menu sections have been blank for weeks. I haven't been able to get there for a while, but I'd love an update.

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  1. The web site works fine for me, just tried it.

    We're going this Saturday night for dinner and I'll try give an update afterwards.

    1. The menu sections appear to be blank, but if you highlight that area, the text shows up. I think I happened to accidentally click and drag and discovered that.

      1. i ate there about two weeks ago. i had a nice meal.
        had a grilled quail,
        steak frites with new york strip
        and a pasta dish.

        all the dishes were great. i liked it a lot.

        1. Sign up at their website to get a weekly e-mail and you will always be in the know about the spectacular tasting menus. We live in the neighborhood and hadn't been there in a while, but started going back this summer with some regularity and NEVER have been disappointed. The food has just been exceptional.

          1. Just ate there last week and had the mushroom tasting menu. It was really outstanding from start to finish: a simple and elegant mushroom consumee with potato dumplings and pear, an off-beat and interesting mushroom-wrapped tuna over eggplant-sesame puree with tomato-ginger jam, mushroom-dusted scallop with a hash-like concoction of mussels, bacon, sweet potato, and mushrooms with a curry sauce, and mushroom-stuffed filet. All dishes were perfectly cooked, interesting, and excellent. The dessert of a trio of chocolate truffles (dark with amaretto, white with macadamian nuts, and milk with raspberries) and an over-the-top mini chocolate pot de creme was the perfect ending.

            I seem to eat at Matyson every few months and recommend it as my "go-to" place every couple of weeks, and I continue to be amazed with the consistency, both from my meals and reports back I hear from people I recommend it to.

            1. Was going to put this on the San Fran board - but in case anybody here is interested...

              I had a chance to visit Matt and Sonjia's new restaurant , JoLe, in Calistoga, CA (at the northern end of the Napa Valley) last week. It was absolutely fantastic - all of the best things about the early years at Matyson are perfectly preserved there (with an awesome setting in the first floor of a boutique hotel and a superb wine list to boot). I was there with my three brothers and parents and so we ordered nearly everything on the menu between us. The flavors were fresh, interesting yet comforting, and delicious. Everything was perfectly cooked.

              A few of our particular favorites:
              Wood oven roasted artichokes with gnocci and spinach
              Tempura soft shell crabs
              Strip steak with panzanella salad
              Scallops with bacon and corn
              Grouper with apricots
              Both desserts - WOW these were amazing - lemon tart with huckleberry sorbet and "frozen tiramisu"

              All in all - a super evening and I thought fellow Matyson fans might enjoy a check-in on the new venture for Matt and Sonjia.

              Sonjia wasn't around, but Matt came out at the end of the meal and was very gracious in thanking us for seeking them out out there. Said business has been OK, but it's been a tough mental transition to go from the multitudes of diners in Philadelphia to a town of 5,000. Seems like they're doing well, but he mentioned that they're certainly ready for tourist season to start. We were there on a Tuesday night, and it was packed including all seats at the bar and the counter seats at the wood oven for the whole night.