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Oct 9, 2003 02:53 PM

Yellowtail sashimi salad

  • j

I would like a yellowtail sashimi salad. Sliced fish, a little greens, a little ponzu or other sauce. Nothing I have had has satisfied me lately.

Specific recommendations appreciated. Prefer Sawtelle - La Brea or Little Toyko.

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  1. not in the areas you mentioned, but Taiko in Brentwood (11677 San Vicente, 3rd Floor) has a Yellowtail Sashimi Salad that's pretty good.

    1. I have the solution!
      Hide sushi has it. it comes with some daikon sprouts, gobo root and shaved bonito flakes. lots of hamachi, and it costs about $8-9.

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      1. re: Bert

        i really like this salad @ hide too. though we usually get the salad w/ maguro and then a side order of hamachi sashimi. (we enjoy the hamachi so much on its own)

        1. re: Bert

          Does anyone have the recipe to the Hamachi salad? I live in NYC and totally crave this salad.

        2. Robata-ya on Sawtelle. Mako's "new" home.

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            1. re: JudiAU

              So... In the past 9 years, have you found a good yellowtail sashimi salad? :-)