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Fresh Apple Cider in Los Angeles Area?

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Hey All. New to the boards and was hoping I could get someone to point me in the right direction for some Fresh Apple Cider.

I'm an East Coaster, born and raised in Jersey. So apple cider was a staple of the fall. And while traveling back from SF over the weekend I stopped at an Apple Orchard outside Gilroy that had fresh apple cider - although I was quite curtly told it was only called that on the East Coast. Anyway It was delicious and I was wondering on getting some down here in Los Angeles. And I'm not afraid to drive - just hopefully not back to Gilroy.



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  1. Some kind of a health code issue involving pastuerization is the source of the nomenclature issue about apple 'cider' versus 'juice'. I get the same thing as cider I drink all over Hudson Valley in autumn, though for more money and less variety in taste, from the various sellers at farmers markets throughout the southland. The best is from a Korean guy I know he's at Silverlake on Saturdays not sure where else. They usually freeze the 1/2/ gallons and I always ask if it is this year's press. tastes about right to me though I miss the bucket of water outside the kitchen door in upstate NY where the chill in the autumn evening gets the cider to the perfect temp!

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      Haven't been to the Farmer's Market in Silverlake. Where is it? I'll check it out this weekend.


    2. A guy at the Claremont farmers market on Sundays sells fresh cider. It comes in frozen from my homeland (Sonoma County) and is sold both pasteurized and non-pasteurized.

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        Claremont. Well it's a bit of a drive but I'm willing! Do you know when the Farmer's market is and can you give me a cross street?


      2. There are several apple orchards in Oak Glen, which is an hour and a half east of LA, near Yucaipa. They all have fresh cider. The closest one happens to be the best, which is Parrish Pioneer.

        1. There's a vendor at the UC Irvine farmer's market on Saturday mornings that sells fresh, real cider. I don't know the name of that source, and if they also sell at other FM's.

          In a pinch, Trader Joe's sells at least two different real ciders (albeit pasteurized and shelf stable). One is a Gravenstein cider, the other is a non-varietal cider, but they're both cloudy, unfiltered ciders, and reasonably decent. My heart breaks, though, for the faraway memories of home.

          1. There are several apple orchards in Tehachapi that sell cider. I can't remember all the ones that have cider, but I know Moessner Orchards does.

            1. I'm not familiar with East Coast cider. I do know that there's a guy at the Pasadena farmers' market (Saturdays) who sells a variety of unpasteurized, fresh juices, including apple cider (had some last week; 100% Macintosh; yummy).

              1. I have seen an apple-cider vendor at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Ivar every week. He sells dried apples and a couple other related items too. He's on the east side of Ivar and easy to find. Sorry I can't remember the name.