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Oct 7, 2008 11:00 AM

Fresh Apple Cider in Los Angeles Area?

Hey All. New to the boards and was hoping I could get someone to point me in the right direction for some Fresh Apple Cider.

I'm an East Coaster, born and raised in Jersey. So apple cider was a staple of the fall. And while traveling back from SF over the weekend I stopped at an Apple Orchard outside Gilroy that had fresh apple cider - although I was quite curtly told it was only called that on the East Coast. Anyway It was delicious and I was wondering on getting some down here in Los Angeles. And I'm not afraid to drive - just hopefully not back to Gilroy.



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  1. Some kind of a health code issue involving pastuerization is the source of the nomenclature issue about apple 'cider' versus 'juice'. I get the same thing as cider I drink all over Hudson Valley in autumn, though for more money and less variety in taste, from the various sellers at farmers markets throughout the southland. The best is from a Korean guy I know he's at Silverlake on Saturdays not sure where else. They usually freeze the 1/2/ gallons and I always ask if it is this year's press. tastes about right to me though I miss the bucket of water outside the kitchen door in upstate NY where the chill in the autumn evening gets the cider to the perfect temp!

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      Haven't been to the Farmer's Market in Silverlake. Where is it? I'll check it out this weekend.


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      1. A guy at the Claremont farmers market on Sundays sells fresh cider. It comes in frozen from my homeland (Sonoma County) and is sold both pasteurized and non-pasteurized.

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          Claremont. Well it's a bit of a drive but I'm willing! Do you know when the Farmer's market is and can you give me a cross street?


        2. There are several apple orchards in Oak Glen, which is an hour and a half east of LA, near Yucaipa. They all have fresh cider. The closest one happens to be the best, which is Parrish Pioneer.

          1. There's a vendor at the UC Irvine farmer's market on Saturday mornings that sells fresh, real cider. I don't know the name of that source, and if they also sell at other FM's.

            In a pinch, Trader Joe's sells at least two different real ciders (albeit pasteurized and shelf stable). One is a Gravenstein cider, the other is a non-varietal cider, but they're both cloudy, unfiltered ciders, and reasonably decent. My heart breaks, though, for the faraway memories of home.