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Oct 7, 2008 10:45 AM

Seeking Vancouver Veggie Tasting Menu or Splurge

I live in San Francisco and will be visiting Vancouver tomorrow through next Wednesday. My boyfriend and I are vegetarian, and should be fine most of the trip foodwise, but we'd like to know if there's one special restaurant to try for a special, splurge-type meal. We'd prefer a tasting menu, but would also be happy to dine a la carte. Any suggestions for this clueless veggie?

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  1. Saravana Bhavan 955 W. Broadway for South Indian-not a splurge place but tasty.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Thanks! Good to know, but we'd still like a nice splurge. And any thoughts on West's veggie tasting menu?

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        I've had the veggie tasting menu at West about 5 years ago. It's nothing to rave about. I think it was a five courses, I think 2 were really good and the other three was just blah. Can't remember the price but it was expensive for what it's worth. If you were to spend a lot of money there, I would call ahead and have them customize something. Usually if restaurants aren't prepare to make a vegetarian meal, they'll just throw whatever sides they have available and call it a meal.

        Years ago when I was a vegetarian (and I mean just veggies no seafood or eggs etc) Le Crocodile did up a very tasty appetizer & entree for me. LC is one of those places that I love to go to if I want a good meal.

        Another place that did a very good "tasting menu" was L'emotion in West Van which is no longer, however, good news is they've opened up a new location and it's called Mistral on West Broadway. I haven't been to their new location but have heard good reviews from friends who were also fans of their previous location.

    2. I can't think of a veggie splurge. Perhaps Vij's. Many of their apps and mains are veg. (They have a paratha with ground crickets! - not sure if they are considered veg ;-)

      They don't take reservations and often have a long lineup after 5pm...the wait feels short, though.

      Less expensive is Radha

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        The first place that popped into my head was Vij's too -- although many rave about the lamb popsicles etc there, I usually order their veg fare, particularly for mains (always nabbing bites of the other meaty dishes on the table for research purposes, of course). They are especially adept at anything dumplingy and veg filled. Caveat emptor re lineups per fmed's post...

      2. I think Connor Butler might do a vegetarian tasting menu for you and that would be a splurge. I remember my friend from work saying they did this for them.

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          Just checked their website...they do indeed offer a veg option for their tasting menus. Good one ck1234! I have not been to RCB, but I hear good things.

        2. My wife and I have had vegetarian tasting menus at West and, more recently, Gastropod. We were mighty impressed with both of those. Both were very accommodating. We went with wine pairings in both cases, too, which we would recommend to do. This might be the best time of year for vegetarians, what with all the freshness coming from the harvest fields.

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            Never actually thought of Gastropod et al (being a carnivore and all). It's great to know that they have option.

          2. Tojos, which is a high-end sushi place, has a vegetarian omakase menu. Don't know what it is like as I went for the fishy version, but I can't see him serving anything that wasn't good.

            Or, as an interesting alternative you could probably find enough vegetarian items on the menu at Bin 941 or 942 to make a good meal. It wouldn't be the same environment, but fun and good.