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Oct 7, 2008 10:34 AM

Cuba Libre

Has anyone eaten there? Thinking of trying it next time.

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  1. I ate at the Philly CL and found it to be pretty good. The only other Cuban cuisine I've tried has been in Key West, which is very geographically close to Cuba, and didn't find a vast difference between that quality vs. Cuba Libre's. The mojitos at CL are great, too, so make sure you try those!

    1. I have to say if I was looking for Cuban food I would go to Alma De Cuba before I'd go to Cuba Libre. I was not impressed with their food and their mojitos were on the sweet side.

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        I agreee with Bigley. Cuba Libre is just so-so while Alma De Cuba is a few steps above them as far as the quality of the food. I can say that I would rush back to Alma De Cuba (especially for the ceviches, arepas, vaca frita, lechon asado, and their homemade ice creams) while I would pass on Cuba Libre. It's a shame that the chef from Pasion has not done more to enhance their ceviche offerings since he moved over there.