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Oct 7, 2008 10:33 AM

Gem off Via Veneto (Lo Stil Novo)

We've been dining out in the Via Veneto area for over two months and can't say enough about our recent discovery, Lo Stil Novo Ristorante, approx two blocks east of Via Veneto at Via Sicilia 66B (tel 0643411810). It's a cozy underground restaurant decorated in muted shades of ivory and cameo pink, balanced with a dark hardwood floor and soft lighting. Harry Connick Jr. croons in the background. Most tables are semi-private, divided by stone archways and a wide central hallway.

The food is sublime - incredibly fresh and creative. We've tried the lobster salad, stuffed zucchini flowers, sea bass, turbot, pasta in white ragu, cacio e pepe, lamb variations, and veal. The deconstructed lobster salad is deliciously sweet and comes with a seafood flavored mayonnaise for dipping. The zucchini flowers are rich and creamy, garnished with slivered mushrooms and crispy guanciale. A crispy shell envelops tender turbot, which is rolled with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. All of the lamb variations (four on the plate) were delicious, but the chop with the almond crust on mash potatoes lightly flavored with orange stole the show. Pasta and breads are homemade every day (and it shows), desserts are rich and creative. The chocolate souffle resembles a lava cake and the robiola cake provides a delicious and not-too-sweet alternative to cheesecake. The wine selection is large and not overpriced. Normally red drinkers, we've been wowed by the house white, but also found a lovely Shiraz for 21 Euros.

Service is professional, well-trained, and courteous. Prices fall within the normal range for quality seafood (12-17 Euros for appetizers and primi, in the mid 20's for secondi). They're only open for dinner (and are closed Sundays), but they open at a relatively early 7:00pm and are very convenient. This is the freshest, most creative, and finest food we've found in the area and we're happy to consider ourselves "regulars."

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  1. Thanks for this post. We got into Rome yesterday, this turned out to be just up the street from out hotel, the Rose Garden Palace. My husband and I enjoyed the lamb "variation" four different pieces of lamb cooked in a distinctive way, lamb chops and 4 other items I unfortunately can't quite describe adequately. What is the lamb dish on top of beets? Our two teenage daugthers ordered the sea bass and pasta and enjoyed these immensely. The house red was quite good. They also served a small bowl of "soup"-cheickpea cream with slivers of calamari. The young man in a suit who served us and young lady hostess are incredibly charming and attentive. The atmosphere and lighting was magical in the restaurant.

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      Hi StacyM and family - welcome to Rome! Glad you guys liked Lo Stil. I think they change the lamb daily depending on what the chef buys in the market - sounds like you got something delicious.

      Were you looking for non-Italian food in the neighborhood in a post a few weeks ago? If so, we finally tracked down the Greek place I mentioned earlier. It's called Mythos and it's at Via Flavia 44 (tel 06/47825813) right off Via XX Settembre. It's very casual (more a cafeteria than a restaurant) but excellent, authentic, and extremely affordable. Have a great trip!

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        Thank you, we are planning to walk over that way to visit the Santa Maria Della Vittoria and will stop there for lunch.