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Oct 7, 2008 10:31 AM

Appetizer for (Canadian) Thanksgiving?

I'm hosting some family for Thanksgiving on Sunday night. I'm doing a fairly traditional turkey and sides - mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, glazed carrots, a yam and spinach gratin, cranberries, stuffing, gravy. I'm also serving a squash and apple soup to start, and lots of desserts.
I'd like to have an appetizer out for people to nibble at for an hour or so before dinner, and I just can't decide what to do - help! I'd like something not too rich to compete with the big meal, and not plated.
Any suggestions / favourites?

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  1. Frankly, though it's hackneyed, I'd suggest a crudite tray with a ranch-dressing type dip.
    And/or some seasoned popcorn/poppycock. I assume, since it's family, that there will be some kids, for whom familiar finger foods would be best. And with a big meal you don't want your apps to be so irresistible that everyone's full before the first course. You can always use the uneaten veggies later.

    1. I agree with greygarious. In this case, less is more. I usually do cheese straws with sliced apples and pears and a poppy seed dip.

      1. I am going to make cheese straws for my Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps some seasoned almonds or toasted walnuts. I like the crudite idea.

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          Do you have a good recipe for cheese straws you could share?

        2. You really don't want a lot of appetizers. At our house we don't even bother because everyone is here for the whole weekend and no one goes 20 minutes without snacking on something. BUT if I were to make anything, I think it would likely be just some maple glazed nuts. Start with a mixture of nuts - almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, whatever you like - and drizzle with equal amounts of maple syrup and olive oil. You just want it moistened, not drenched. Sprinkle with some kosher salt and spread out on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Toast at 325 just until glazed, mixing once in a while. This shouldn't take very long, but it's been a while since I've made it so I don't have exact details.

          Addictive and a good way to start Thanksgiving.

          1. My mom always puts out a bowl of in-shell nuts and a couple of crackers. This keeps people busy, and it's hard to stuff yourself when you have to crack each nut yourself.

            We also get the cranberry goat cheese from Trader Joe's, but I don't know if they have that in Canada.

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