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Oct 7, 2008 10:28 AM

I finally made tomato soup...

This was my first attempt to make home made tomato soup and I was very pleased with the results so I wanted to share and seek others' opinions and suggestions.

I used Michael Chiarello's recipe as my "base" and went from there. Started by draining a 28 oz. can of chopped tomatoes, put drained pieces on a baking sheet , drizzled them with some EVOO and sprinkled on some S&P - roasted for 17 minutes or so at 450 degrees F. Diced up one carrot, one medium onion, one celery stalk, and two cloves of garlic. Sauteed the veggies (seasoned with S&P), plus a heaping tablespoon of tomato paste, in two tablespoons of EVOO until soft - about 20 minutes. I then added the roasted tomato pieces, strained juice from the tomatoes, one cup of chicken stock, one bay leaf, two teaspoons balsamic vinegar, and one eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper. I simmered gently for 20 or so minutes. I then used my immersion blender to puree to a still slightly chunky texture. To finish, I added one half cup of heavy cream and strirred through to heat.

I served with toasted bread slices that I topped with goat cheese and then put under the broiler until the cheese got gooey - finished with a few sprinkles of balsamic vinegar on top.

I was extremely pleased with the taste and texture of the soup. I reheated some the next day for lunch and the soup tasted even better. Next time, I may make it ahead of time and refrigerate over night to let the flavors meld.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I would very much like to hear them. I learn A LOT from others' comments and always appreciate them!


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  1. The soup sounds really good! How many servings did you get out of it? Also, do you think it would be good without the heavy cream?

    For next time- what about serving it with grilled cheese sandwiches on rye bread or olive oil croutons. Or you if you really want a one pot meal, add in fresh tortellini.

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and feedback.

      I got 4 large servings out of the above recipe. Probably could be 6 smaller servings (such as pre-dinner soup).

      I used Hunt's tomatoes (I have used these in other recipes and like the flavor. I also like Muir Glenn. I just got a can of true San Marzanos and will be making this soup again this weekend using them).

      Looking at my original post I realized that I forgot to list one ingredient - I also added 2 tablespoons of butter. My apologies for failing to list this originally.

      I did taste the soup prior to adding the cream and it tasted very good - I would have been happy with it at this point. I do feel that the cream added a nice richness / fullness which in my opinion made the soup even better.

      Finally, I will attempt to add some pasta or white beans in the future based upon suggestions I have received.

      The beet soup looks great and will be attempted soon as well - thanks Old Gal.

      Thanks again for commenting and the helpful suggestions....JEFF

    2. Bravo, Jeff! What brand of tomatoes did you use? In tomato season, I can't bear to do anything but eat them raw, however, I love that you can roast canned ones, so that sets me up for fall and winter. Thanks for the post.

      1. I don't know how much of that is your and how much is Chiarello's but that is certainly a winner and I am making it tomorrow!
        I will trade you that one for this one, beet soup. I saw a beet salad recipe on the BBC food pages and it called for cumin seed. Never would have thought of that... so when I went to make the beet soup I tossed some in.
        Beet Soup
        Saute diced onions in pan with a few cumin seeds. Toss in cooked and diced beets, the chopped beet stems and then the topped leaves. Add (homemade) beef broth and a tiny, just a tiny bit of Chipotle chili powder. Simmer until the stems and leaves are very soft and tender. Proportions are what you like. For 1qt finished soup I used about 1/2 an onion, 1 very large beet, and the leaves and stems of 3 and enough broth to make about a quart.

        1. i make mine like that, but i sprinkle the tomatoes with a spoonful or brown sugar before roasting, and i also finish with a splash of sherry. I don't use the carrot or celery but i do add a couple of shallots, and i sautee in butter, not EVOO. i also make a roux in the butter before i add the stock, just a spoonful of flour, i think it makes a better texture.

          i prefer the san marzanos.

          i like the addition of the balsamic, yum. thanks for the reminder of this comfort food - i have a can of tomatoes that are just begging to be soup on my shelf.

          i have made it without cream for vegans, and it is not as good. for good tomato soup without cream, i think you need fresh tomatoes.